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Review: Sniffing Out Danger by Elizabeth Heiter

Title: Sniffing Out Danger by Elizabeth Heiter
K-9s on Patrol Series Book Two
Publisher: Harlequin Intrigue
Genre: Contemporary, Romantic Suspense
Length: 256 pages
Book Rating: B

Complimentary Review Copy Provided by the Author


Her first big case…
Could be her last.

When former big-city cop Ava Callan stumbles upon a bomb, she seizes the chance to prove herself. Not only to the small-town police department where she’s transitioning to become a K-9 handler…but especially to charming lead investigator Eli Thorne. The only thing more explosive than her chemistry with the out-of-town captain? The danger menacing them at every turn…

From Harlequin Intrigue: Seek thrills. Solve crimes. Justice served.

Discover more action-packed stories in the K-9s on Patrol series. All books are stand-alone with uplifting endings but were published in the following order:

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Book 2: Sniffing Out Danger by Elizabeth Heiter
Book 3: Foothills Field Search by Maggie Wells
Book 4: Alpha Tracker by Cindi Myers
Book 5: Scent Detection by Leslie Marshman


Sniffing Out Danger by Elizabeth Heiter is an intriguing romantic suspense set in a small town. Although this release is the second installment in the K-9s on Patrol ­series, the multi author books stand on their own.

K-9 Officer Ava Callan is a Chicago transplant now living in Jasper, Idaho. She does not feel as if she fits in and being assigned a K-9 partner makes her feel isolated from her fellow officers. Ava and police dog Lacey are making a welfare check when they find what appears to be a bomb. The police department does not have an explosives expert so they request the assistance of McCall police department Captain Eli Thorne to assist them. He and Ava work closely with her fellow officers Brady Nichols and Jason Wright to find the bomber before disaster strikes.

After closing a big narcotics case with the Chicago PD, Ava is ready for a change. She has adjusted to the slower pace of life but Ava is finding it difficult to make friends. Ava keeps to herself and she is really enjoying having Lacey with her. She knows she is not Eli’s first choice for the team, so Ava is surprised by how well they work together.

Eli knows time is not on their side as he and the Jasper PD try to find their bomber. Their first person of interest is bartender Jennilyn Sanderson.  She has not been in town long but she is familiar to the police department. While Jennilyn has been in a little bit of trouble because she does not hesitate to jump in the fray when necessary.  Will Ava and Eli locate her before another bomb detonates?

Sniffing Out Danger is the perfect blend of romance and suspense. Ava and Eli are well-drawn, multi-faceted characters. Eli is a bit dismayed that Ava is impervious to his attempts to charm her. Their search for the bomber throws them together which provides them the opportunity to get know each other. Their simmering attraction underlies the fast-paced investigation to catch the bomber. With an unexpectedly dangerous plot twist, Elizabeth Heiter brings this thrilling romantic suspense story to a heartfelt conclusion.

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