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Review: A Season of Change by Beth Wiseman

Title: A Season of Change by Beth Wiseman
The Amish Inn Novels Book Three
Publisher: Zondervan
Genre: Contemporary, Amish, Romance
Length: 336 pages
Book Rating: A

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Finding peace means letting go of the past—and embracing the change that is to come.

Sisters Esther and Lizzie have a new employee, Rose Petersheim, to help them tend to The Peony Inn. But their old matchmaking ways have stayed the same. The sisters focus their efforts on the lovely twenty-five-year-old Rose. Though Rose is witty and outspoken, her nervous chattering makes her the best match for someone calm and good at listening. Someone like Benjamin—the handsome handyman who recently moved to town.

But when Esther receives an anonymous love letter and flowers, Rose’s love life is no longer the only one capturing the sisters’ attention. As they sleuth around searching for Esther’s secret admirer, they uncover that their grumpy renter, Gus, has a secret of his own that could bring about a difficult change in all their lives. And their continued meddling in Rose’s affairs reveals she, too, is hiding something—an old wound that could threaten her future happiness.

As Rose, Lizzie, Esther, and Gus struggle to release the weight of their pasts, they discover that although people are complicated, love doesn’t need to be.

This charming third installment of the Amish Inn series from bestselling author Beth Wiseman is a picture of loss and healing in which forgiveness will prove to be the greatest act of love.


A Season of Change by Beth Wiseman is a poignant yet uplifting Amish romance. While this newest release is the third book in The Amish Inn Novels series, it can be read as a standalone. However, I highly recommend reading the first two novels as well.

Lizzie Glick and Esther Zook are widowed sisters who turned their home into a bed and breakfast. Since the summer has been unusually hot, The Peony Inn does not have many visitors. This turns out to be a good thing as Lizzie and Esther continue their matchmaking and learn their longtime boarder Gus Owens’ secret.  Esther also seems to have a secret admirer whose identity Lizzie is determined to uncover. Neither sister is looking for romance but they are curious who about who sent Esther a beautiful bouquet of flowers with a very unexpected message.

Twenty-five-year-old Rose Petersheim is a hard worker whose endless chatter sometimes wars on Lizzie and Esther’s nerves. They have counseled her to listen more and talk less but Rose finds it difficult to keep her thoughts to herself. When newcomer Benjamin King asks her out for a date, she is determined to follow their advice. But since he is very shy, their evening out is rather awkward.

Ben is frustrated with his inability to turn his sometimes tangled thoughts into words . He is tired of blind dates but he would like to marry and start a family. Ben is willing to give Rose a chance, but if their evening out does not go well, he is done with dating. Which is why he is very disappointed his dinner with Rose is so uncomfortable.

Ben remains intrigued by Rose, so he is delighted when she inadvertently reveals her true self to him after their disastrous date. Rose agrees to go out with him again and their romance begins in earnest. But the closer they become, she grows increasingly troubled by memories of her past.  As she tries to come to terms her fears, will Rose decide a future with Ben is not possible?

A Season of Change is an emotionally compelling novel with a heartfelt storyline and appealing characters. Rose is a spirited young woman who must decide whether or not to forgive the people who have hurt her. Ben is a charming man who is transformed by his relationship with Rose. Esther patiently continues her lessons of forgiveness and grace. Lizzie’s outspokenness leads to trouble when her well-intentioned interference backfires. With touching life lessons, Beth Wiseman brings this final installment in The Amish Inn Novels series to a bittersweet conclusion.

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Review: An Unlikely Match by Beth Wiseman

Title: An Unlikely Match by Beth Wiseman
The Amish Inn Novels Book Two
Publisher: Zondervan
Genre: Contemporary, Amish, Romance
Length: 336 pages
Book Rating: B+

Complimentary Review Copy Provided by Publisher Through NetGalley


When sparks fly between a good Amish girl and a hunky member of the Hollywood elite, even matchmaking innkeepers Esther and Lizzie know better than to fan the flames.

Evelyn Schrock has dismissed the attempts of every young man in her small Amish community to court her. She’s willing to wait for a suitor who shares her curiosities about life and faith.

The only reason Jayce Clarkson is in Amish country hefting equipment for his famous father’s movie production company is for the paycheck. The homestyle cooking at the Peony Inn is a perk though, as is his friendship with Evelyn Schrock. If Jayce can endure his dad’s put-downs for a month, he’ll finally be in a position to make a fresh start—somewhere away from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles and the shadow of his checkered past.

To matchmakers Esther and Lizzie, the widowed sisters who operate the inn, Jayce seems like a good man stuck in a life he doesn’t want. But the boy isn’t Amish, and that leaves far too much room for broken hearts. Despite that, Jayce and Evelyn start to realize that they can’t deny their growing attraction. Any path forward seems impossible, and they will have to learn what the future will look like when they leave their fate in Gott’s hands.


An Unlikely Match by Beth Wiseman is a very charming Amish romance. Although this newest release is the second installment in The Amish Inn Novels series, it can be read as a standalone.

Lizzie and Esther’s latest guests at The Peony Inn are from Hollywood. The large group  includes the producer, Brandon Clarkson, and his adult son, Jayce. Their relationship is tense due to Brandon’s constant berating of his son. Jayce has been in and out of trouble, but he no longer wants anything to do with the Hollywood lifestyle. He has a strong faith but he is struggling to find a church that feels like the right fit.  After the movie is finished, his father will pay him enough money for him to begin his life from underneath Brandon’s thumb. After meeting Evelyn Schrock, Jayce is beginning to envision a future that is very different from the life he currently lives. But Evelyn is Amish and has no intention of leaving the area or her Amish life. Will Jayce leave behind the worldly trappings and become Amish?

Evelyn is an upbeat young woman with an inquisitive mind. She has dated some but she has not yet fallen in love. Although he is not Amish, Evelyn is quite drawn to Jayce. They grow close as they enjoy chaste dates and their feelings continue to grow. Evelyn is surprised when their discussions turn to God and she is pleased to discover Jayce’s faith. Both are heartbroken when it is time for Jayce to return to California. Is their budding romance strong enough to weather their separation?

Lizzie and Esther have yet to replace their previous employee and they are exhausted caring for their guests. They are also both shocked when their testy tenant, Gus Owens, is offered a role in the movie. They are also taken aback to learn that Gus and Jayce share a friendship of sorts. The sisters have long wondered why their mamm insisted that Gus could live on the property as long he wishes. Does the answer to this question lie within a startling discovery? Will the changes in Gus continue once the guests have returned home?

An Unlikely Match is a wonderful Amish romance of faith, love and new beginnings. Evelyn and Jayce are marvelous characters who are a very cute couple.  The romance between Evelyn and Jayce is an absolute joy to watch unfold. Despite their divergent backgrounds, their faith draws them together. With an unanticipated plot twist, Beth Wiseman brings this beautiful romance to a touching conclusion. Old and new fans are going to love this latest addition to The Amish Inn Novels series.

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Review: A Picture of Love by Beth Wiseman

Title: A Picture of Love by Beth Wiseman
The Amish Inn Novels Book One
Publisher: Zondervan
Genre: Contemporary, Amish, Romance
Length: 336 pages
Book Rating: B+

Complimentary Review Copy Provided by Publisher Through NetGalley


Both of them have vowed from the bottom of their broken hearts never to love again.

Sweet Naomi Byler cooks meals for the guests at The Peony Inn, where Amish sisters and owners of the inn Esther and Lizzie love her like a granddaughter. She’s as happy there as a young woman can be, considering that her fiancé, Thomas, has left her to court someone else. She knows she’ll get over the love of her life in due time, but she assumes marriage will never be a part of her future.

Amos Lantz and his mother are guests at the inn, visiting town for a cousin’s wedding. Attending a wedding is the last thing Amos wants to do since his own fiancée, Sarah, died tragically just a year ago.

Naomi and Amos understand each other’s grief and become quick friends when they discover their mutual love of painting. As the two begin to paint through their sadness together, Esther and Lizzie play matchmaker—a risky move with the potential to backfire. And when Thomas makes an unexpected return intending to win back Naomi, she realizes she no longer knows her own heart.

In this new Amish series from bestselling and award-winning novelist Beth Wiseman, true love takes root in the deepest of wounds.


The first installment in The Amish Inn Novels series, A Picture of Love by Beth Wiseman is a heartwarming novel of healing, faith and love.

Naomi Byler lives and works at The Peony Inn, a B&B owned by two widowed sisters, Esther Zook and Lizzie Glick.  The sisters love Naomi like a granddaughter and they want the best for her. Which is why they decide to do a little matchmaking when Amos Lantz and his mamm stay at their inn while in town for a wedding. 

Naomi is a warm-hearted and compassionate young woman. She is still trying to understand why Thomas ended their engagement and left town. Naomi is drawn to Amos as soon as they meet, but since her heart still belongs to Thomas, she is not looking for another relationship. She dearly loves Esther and Lizzie but she is frustrated by their recent matchmaking attempts. Naomi is firm when she asks them not to interfere but will the well-intentioned sisters honor her wishes?

Amos is still mourning the loss of his fiancée and he is dreading attending the wedding. He is quite observant and he notices the lingering shadows in Naomi’s eyes.  They decide to support each other at the upcoming wedding and they are surprisingly comfortable in each other’s presence.   Amos is taken off guard at his disappointment he will soon be leaving Naomi to return home.

After a little scheming by his mamm, Lizzie and Esther, Amos remains in town while taking care of some work around the inn. He and Naomi continue spending time together and they soon bond over their love of painting. Amos is a little shocked when he realizes his feelings toward Noami are deepening, but he is uncertain if she wants more than friendship. Naomi is also experiencing a sudden awareness of her own changing emotions but Thomas’s sudden reappearance provides an opportunity for a reunion. But after suddenly abandoning her months earlier, can she trust him with her heart again? And, most importantly, what will Naomi do about her feelings for Amos?

A Picture of Love is a charming Amish romance that is heartfelt and engaging. Amos and Naomi are delightful characters that are easy to love. Esther and Lizzie are quite entertaining and a secondary story arc involving one of the sisters adds unexpected depth to the storyline. With a slight misunderstanding between Amos and Naomi providing unexpected tension, Beth Wiseman brings this endearing romance to a sigh-worthy conclusion.  This first installment in The Amish Inn Novels series will leave readers eagerly awaiting the next book in the series.

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