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Review: The Amish Midwife’s Secret by Rachel J. Good

Title: The Amish Midwife’s Secret by Rachel J. Good
Love and Promises Series Book Two
Publisher: Forever
Genre: Contemporary, Christian, Romance
Length: 385 pages
Book Rating: B+

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An Amish midwife and an Englisch doctor must embrace their differences to rescue a baby in need in this uplifting romance that will “capture your heart and leave you smiling” (Amy Lillard).

Kyle Miller never planned on becoming a country doctor. But when he’s offered a medical practice in his sleepy hometown, Kyle knows he must return… and face the painful past he left behind. Except the Amish community isn’t quite ready for Kyle. Especially the pretty midwife who refuses to compromise her traditions with his modern medicine…

The more Leah Stoltzfus works with the handsome Englisch doctor, the more she finds herself caught between the expectations of her family and her own hopes for the future. It will take one surprising revelation and one helpless baby in need of love to show Leah and Kyle that their bond may be greater than their differences… if Leah can find the courage to follow her heart.


The Amish Midwife’s Secret by Rachel J. Good is an incredibly heartwarming novel of forgiveness, new beginnings and love. This second installment in the Love and Promises series can be read as a standalone but I also recommend the previous book, The Amish Teacher’s Gift, as well.

Dr. Kyle Miller is surprised by an out of the blue phone call from a doctor who lives in his hometown of Lancaster, PA. He is also shocked by Dr. Hess’s proposal for Kyle to move back to Lancaster and take over his practice so he can retire.  Since Kyle has worked very hard to forget about his past, he has no intention of accepting Dr. Hess’s generous offer.  However, as he is trying to work up the courage to turn the doctor down, Kyle instead finds himself agreeing to spend a few days working with Dr. Hess in his practice. Will Kyle change his mind once he goes back to the place that still haunts him? Or will the trip convince him he is right to say no to Dr. Hess?

Leah Stoltzfus is in training to become a midwife despite the fact that she won’t be able to get her certification. She is also rather overwhelmed by her other responsibilities which include working fulltime in the family’s holistic store and caring for her Mamm. Leah is involved in a courtship with an Amish young man whose expectations about married life are a source on contention.

Leah is a caring and compassionate young woman who always puts other people’s needs ahead of her own.  She is also an obedient young women so it comes as shock when she finds herself at cross purposes with Kyle during their initial meeting. As a member of the medical community, Kyle is upset by some of the decisions she makes for her patients.

Despite their differences and much to their dismay, Kyle and Leah share a mutual attraction for one another. Leah is appalled at her interest in another  man since her courtship with Ben means they are expected to marry. Kyle carries plenty of guilt and heartache from his teenage romance with an Amish young woman. Not only  has he avoided any type of romantic entanglement since, he absolutely refuses to even contemplate becoming involved with another Amish woman.  As Leah and Kyle spend time together at Dr. Hess’s medical practice, will they be able to continue to ignore their deepening feelings?

The Amish Midwife’s Secret is a heartfelt journey of self-forgiveness, faith and love. Kyle is a wonderful man whose inability to move on from a heartrending incident in his past continues to guide his life choices in the present.  Leah treasures her faith but some of her dreams are at odds with the tenets of her religion. The romance between Kyle and Leah is endearing but can they overcome the seemingly insurmountable differences between them? 

Rachel J. Good’s newest addition to the her delightful Love and Promises series is heartwarming, thought-provoking and ultimately, uplifting. I thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommend this charming Amish romance to fans of the genre.


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