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Review: The Business of Lovers by Eric Jerome Dickey

Title: The Business of Lovers by Eric Jerome Dickey
Publisher: Dutton
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic, Fiction
Length: 399 pages
Book Rating: B

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All is fair in love and lust in New York Times bestselling author Eric Jerome Dickey’s tale of two brothers, four women, and the business of desire.

Unlike their younger brother, André, whose star as a comedian is rising, neither Dwayne nor Brick Duquesne is having luck with his career—and they’re unluckier still in love. Former child star Dwayne has just been fired from his latest acting role and barely has enough money to get by after paying child support to his spiteful former lover, while Brick struggles to return to his uninspiring white-collar job after suffering the dual blows of a health emergency and a nasty breakup with the woman he still loves.

Neither brother is looking to get entangled with a woman anytime soon, but love—and lust—has a way of twisting the best-laid plans. When Dwayne tries to reconnect with his teenage son, he finds himself fighting to separate his animosity from his attraction for his son’s mother, Frenchie. And Brick’s latest source of income—chauffeur and bodyguard to three smart, independent women temporarily working as escorts in order to get back on their feet—opens a world of possibility in both love and money. Penny, Christiana, and Mocha Latte know plenty of female johns who would pay top dollar for a few hours with a man like Brick… if he can let go of his past, embrace his unconventional new family, and allow strangers to become lovers.

Eric Jerome Dickey paints a powerful portrait of the family we have, the families we create, and every sexy moment in between.


The Business of Lovers by Eric Jerome Dickey is an entertaining novel that is quite thought-provoking.

Brick Duquesne is still getting over the painful break-up with his girlfriend six months earlier. A lot has happened in his personal life and currently, he is on leave of absence from his job.  Brick is friends with his neighbor Penny and he is currently chauffeuring her around town. He is also playing the role of protector for her while she is meeting with clients. He unexpectedly steps in to help her friends Christiana and Mocha Latte and the quartet form a surprisingly close friendship.  With his ex popping in and out of his life, will Brick finally recover from his broken heart?

Brick’s actor brother Dwayne is also back in town after his teenage son Fela sends him worrying texts. Dwayne and Fela’s mother, Frenchie, never married but Dwayne has always lived up to his responsibility to his son. With Frenchie not returning his texts, he convinces Brick to check up on Fela. Sworn to secrecy, Brick helps as much as he can but will he honor his promise not to tell Dwayne what is going on with Fela and Frenchie?

Penny, Christiana and Mocha Latte are vibrant young woman who never planned to become escorts. Penny is a college student whose ex left her with nothing but a pile of bills and ruined credit. When her friends find themselves in dire straits, she offers them a new career and a place to stay. Christiana is a Cuban refugee who is a highly educated professional who discovers she cannot work in her  previous career in the US. She has gone through a multitude of low paying jobs in order to survive. She is a pragmatic woman with a practical outlook and she knows what she wants for herself.  Mocha Latte is extremely uncomfortable working as an escort.  Although she has a loving family, she does not want to ask them for help after losing her job as an engineer. She is uncertain what she wants further down the line, but she knows her current career is just temporary.

Brick is a wonderfully caring man who  genuinely likes the women now in his life. He is a little frustrated with Dwayne but family is family so he does what he can to help his brother. Brick’s unlikely friendships veer into the “friends with benefits” territory, and he also himself to be talked into briefly becoming an escort. But it is not in his nature to keep the proceeds from his unlikely career.  Being an escort is at odds with his desire for a wife and family so he has a decision to make about his future. With Dwayne, Penny, Christiana and Mocha Latte making changes in their lives, what will Brick decide to do next?

The Business of Lovers is a funny, sexy  and serious novel that features a diverse and appealing cast of characters. The storyline is interesting with plenty of depth and substance.  The sex scenes are plentiful and explicitly detailed. With an unexpected plot twist, Eric Jerome Dickey brings this insightful novel to an absolutely heartwarming conclusion. A very enjoyable novel that I highly recommend.

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