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Review: The Last to See Her by Courtney Evan Tate

Title: The Last to See Her by Courtney Evan Tate
Publisher: MIRA
Genre: Contemporary, Domestic Mystery, Suspense
Length: 352 pages
Book Rating: B

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A woman disappears into the dark city night…

Gen is on the verge of a divorce from her cheating husband. When her sister, Meg, has a convention to attend in the Big Apple, she invites Gen along to celebrate her newly found freedom. But the perfect sisters’ getaway quickly goes awry when a tipsy Gen defiantly throws her wedding ring off the hotel room’s balcony. Then, wanting some fresh air, she decides to take a late-evening walk alone and vanishes without a trace.

The investigation that follows uncovers secrets—and betrayals—between sisters and spouses that will twist the truth in on itself until nothing is clear.

What really happened to Gen and who, besides Meg, was the last to see her?


The Last to See Her by Courtney Evan Tate is a twist-filled domestic mystery.

Genevieve “Gen” McCready is a successful author who is divorcing her husband Thad.  She joins her younger sister Meghan “Meg” in New York to celebrate her return to single life. Their first evening together is a drink and laughter filled dinner the ends with Gen going out alone for a walk. Meg wakes up to discover her sister has yet to return and later that day, she files a missing persons report. New York Detective Nate Hawkins casts a suspicious eye on Meg, but she is adamant she has nothing to do with Gen’s disappearance.  Although Meg likes her soon to be ex brother-in-law, his lack of concern over her sister’s fate raises a few questions.  With Gen seemingly vanishing into thin air, will Detective Hawkins be able to solve this perplexing case?

Chapters from Gen’s perspective offer an insightful view into her initial romance with Thad and the many years of their marriage. She spends her days alone in their condo writing her novels while he works long hours building his law practice. At first, Gen’s marriage is quite happy and Thad is welcomed into the family with open arms. But Gen begins to notice changes in her husband that seem to be tied with his growing success. Eventually she tires of his late nights at work and becomes suspicious that he might not be working.  Will Gen find anything to prove where Thad is spending his evenings?

Meg is a very successful doctor who is married with a five year old son. She too works long hours but her husband Joe is understanding of the demands of her career.  Meg and Gen are each other’s best friends so when her sister does not return to their hotel, she knows something is wrong.  Wanting answers, Meg coerces Hawkins into revealing more details of his investigation than he should.  Over the course of several days, Meg does not give up hope about finding Gen.

Thad is cool and controlled after learning of his soon to be ex-wife’s disappearance. He has no desire to try to salvage their marriage and he is ready to move on. Thad vehemently denies Gen’s accusations  and their divorce is slightly contentious. Once he finally travels to New York, will Thad provide any information to Detective Hawkins that will help locate Gen?

The Last to See Her is an engrossing domestic  mystery with an intriguing storyline. The characters are interesting but they are a little difficult to like.  The plot is multi-layered and well-written with clever twists and unexpected turns.  Courtney Evan Tate brings this suspenseful mystery to a rather unanticipated conclusion that is a little unsatisfying. All in all, an engaging mystery that I enjoyed and recommend to fans of the genre.

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