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Review: The Secrets We Share by Edwin Hill

Title: The Secrets We Share by Edwin Hill
Publisher: Kensington Books
Genre: Contemporary, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller
Length: 323 pages
Book Rating: B+

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A mesmerizing, twisty suspense novel perfect for fans of Mary Kubica and Riley Sager from an acclaimed author! Explore the deep bonds—and deadly secrets—between two very different sisters haunted by the crimes of their father murdered nearly twenty years earlier…

At first glance, Natalie Cavanaugh and Glenn Abbott hardly look like sisters. Even off-duty, Natalie dresses like a Boston cop, preferring practical clothes and unfussy, pinned-up hair. Her younger sister, Glenn, seems tailor-made for the spotlight, from her signature red mane to her camera-ready smile. Glenn has spent years cultivating her brand through her baking blog, and with the publication of her new book, that hard work seems about to pay off. But her fans have no idea about the nightmare in Glenn and Natalie’s past.

Twenty years ago, their father’s body was discovered in the woods behind their house. A trauma like that doesn’t fit with Glenn’s public image. Yet, maybe someone reading her blog does know something. There have been anonymous online messages, vague yet ominous, hinting that she’s being watched. And with unsettling coincidences hitting ever closer to home, both Glenn and Natalie soon have more pressing matters to worry about, especially when a dead body is found in an abandoned building . . .

Natalie is starting to wonder how much Glenn really knows about the people closest to her. But are there also secrets Natalie has yet to uncover about those she herself trusts? For two decades, she’s believed their father was murdered by their neighbor, with whom he was having an affair. But if those events are connected to what’s happening now, maybe there’s much more that Natalie doesn’t know. About their father. About their neighbors. About her friends. Maybe even about herself.

But there are no secrets between sisters . . . are there?


The Secrets We Share by Edwin Hill is a complex, suspense-laden thriller.

Forty-four-year-old Boston Detective Natalie Cavanaugh and her sister, Glenn Abbott, have never quite left behind the ghosts of their past. Their father was murdered when they were teenagers and the case still remains unsolved. Suspicion first fell on their mother but after rumors began spreading that he was having an affair with their neighbor, Diane Sykes, police changed their focus to her instead. As adults, Glenn and Natalie both deal with their childhood in very different ways.

Natalie drinks too much in an effort to tamp down her memories. She also keeps a tight rein on her emotions and eschews personal relationships. Natalie keeps a low profile at work and shies away from cases that would put her in the spotlight. Glenn, on the other hand, is a popular food blogger with a book that is on the verge of release. Her once happy marriage has hit a rough spot that she and her husband may or may not recover from. Her daughter Mavis is more observant than either or her parents believe. She is also very smart and thinks on her feet.

Natalie has many conflicts of interest in the case she is working with her partner Detective Zane Perez. A beloved member of her family discovered the body of a murdered man in an abandoned building. And the investigation leads straight to someone else she knows, Bennet Jones. He is the business partner of her brother-in-law, Jake. Her boss, Lieutenant Angela White, orders her off the case but she and Zane know that Natalie is most likely going to poke around on her own. Of course, they are right but will they be grateful for her help when the investigation takes many unexpected detours?

The Secrets We Share is an edge of the seat thriller with a multi-layered storyline. Natalie is a highly intelligent and very clever detective. She is not without flaws but she is a sympathetic, likable woman. The secondary characters are realistically developed with relatable human foibles. Lt. White is an outstanding boss who is fair with those who work for her. The investigation is intriguing and moves at an even pace.  With stunning twists and diabolical turns, Edwin Hill brings this cunning thriller to a jaw-dropping conclusion.

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