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Review: Why the Rock Falls by J.E. Barnard

Title: Why the Rock Falls by J.E. Barnard
The Falls Mysteries Series Book Three
Publisher: Dundurn
Genre: Contemporary, Mystery, Suspense
Length: 424 pages
Book Rating: B

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Danger lurks in the wilderness of the Rockies.

After a dinner-party clash between entrenched oil interests and liberal Hollywood insiders, only Michael and Tyrone, the two children at the disastrous event, remain friends. But soon one dinner guest dinner guest is dead and two more are missing in the Alberta wilds.

As Jan Brenner comforts the newly-bereaved Michael, Lacey McCrae infiltrates the Caine oil dynasty to learn which of Tyrone’s older half-brothers and their scheming mothers most want him gone. With the search for the missing heading into its third night, Lacey uncovers a massive hole in the Caine ranch’s security network as well as evidence of previous attacks on Tyrone. Then Jan discovers a long-buried connection between the two families that threatens Michael, too.

As thunderstorms roll over the vast limestone cliffs of the Ghost Wilderness, danger stalks Michael, Tyrone, and the women who struggle to keep them safe.


The third installment in The Falls Mysteries series, Why the Rock Falls by J.E. Barnard is a perplexing mystery.

Former Mountie Lacey McCrae is still working security as she works on obtaining her private investigator license.  While taking care of security for Jake Wyman, she saves Hollywood director Mylo Matheson’s wife, Kitrin Devine, from drowning. In a cruel twist of fate the next day, Kitrin is found dead in the pool by Lacey’s and Kitrin’s friend Jan Brenner.

As the local authorities investigate Kitrin’s murder, Lacey’s boss requests she go to oil baron Orrin Caine’s home. Orrin and his son Tyrone are missing and Lacey is tasked with ensuring the remainder of the family is safe. Orrin was at Jake’s home the night before Kitrin’s murder and Lacey cannot help but wonder if the two cases are somehow related.

Lacey remains haunted by the past she left behind when she quit the RCMP and moved from the city. She is good friends with Jan and Lacey relies on her quite a bit while working at the Caine home. As searchers comb the local area for Orrin and Tyrone, Lacey finds surprising evidence. She also discovers several places where security could have breached. Looking through recent security footage, Lacey finds evidence to back up her theory about what might have happened to cause Orrin’s disappearance. She then relies on Jan to help sharpen the images in hopes of identifying the perpetrator.  Lacey has a large suspect pool to chose from since Orrin was not exactly beloved by his ex-wives or his adult children.

Why the Rock Falls is a multi-layered mystery with two intriguing mysteries to solve. The series regulars are well developed and likable. The secondary cast members are plentiful and the vast number makes it difficult to tell them apart. The two cases are interesting and the investigations move at a slow but steady pace.  In a race against time,  J.E. Barnard brings this fascinating mystery to an exciting conclusion that is action-packed. Old and new fans will enjoy this newest addition to The Falls Mysteries series.

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