Friday’s Feature: Author Lisa Wingate

Lisa Wingate writes strong relationship based books that pack some pretty powerful messages. Her characters are so realistic you swear they are going to walk off the pages and sit down for dinner with you. I have learned from experience that I should not begin one of her novels unless I have cleared my schedule because once I start reading, I find it difficult to put it down until I have read the entire story.

The first book of Ms. Wingate’s that I read is Tending Roses, and it remains my favorite book of hers to this day. Grandma Rose dispenses some pretty sound and useful advice that will strike a chord with most readers.

Title: Tending Roses by Lisa Wingate
Publisher: Signet
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Relationship
Length: 336 pages


Christmas is going to be difficult for Kate Bowman this year. Traveling with her husband and infant to the family farm in Missouri, she has the unpleasant task of convincing her 89-year-old Grandma Rose to move to a nursing home. Kate hasn’t been back for six years and is dreading the confrontation with Grandma as well as the first family reunion since the death of her mother. But Grandma Rose makes things easier by leaving her journal out for Kate to read, enabling her granddaughter to realize just how much more there is to Rose than she thought and how very important the farm is to her. This helps Kate find her way through her financial and emotional problems and cues her to what’s truly really important in life. Wingate’s touching story of love and faith proves the old adage that we should take time to smell the roses and try to put our modern problems in perspective.

For more information, please visit Ms. Wingate’s website.

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