A Shot in the Dark by Christine d’Abo

Title: A Shot in the Dark by Christine d’Abo
Long Shots Series, Book 2
Publisher: Carina Press
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Erotic, BDSM
Length: 30,000 words
Book Rating: B

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Carter is one of the hottest men ever to walk into Paige Long’s coffee shop. The attraction is mutual, and when Carter reveals himself to be a Dom, the submissive in Paige is aroused. Yet she brushes him off—her last relationship was abusive and she’s unwilling to get involved with another Dom.

But when Carter returns the next day—in his firefighter uniform—Paige’s fantasies really heat up. She can’t resist his offer to get to know him over a drink at Mavericks, a local sex club. Their conversation quickly escalates to a session in one of the private rooms, and Paige is both thoroughly satisfied by Carter’s skills in domination, and impressed with his selflessness as a lover.

Paige is ready to move on with her life. But can she trust in herself and submit to happiness?

The Review:

A Shot in the Dark, Christine d’Abo’s second installment in the Long Shot series, is an intense journey into the world of BDSM. Following her escape from an abusive D/s relationship, Paige Long has dedicated herself to the family owned coffee shop. Her meeting with dominant Carter West sparks her desire to once again explore her submissive side.

The oldest of the Long siblings, Paige’s submission in the bedroom is a sharp contrast to the control she exhibits in other areas of her life. Her first submissive relationship crossed that fine line that exists between pain for pleasure and abuse. Three years later Paige has a better understanding of her sexual desires, and her chance encounter with Carter brings her the submission she craves and incredibly satisfying sex.

Carter is definitely an alpha male, but his need to dominate Paige is underscored by respect and caring. He puts Paige’s satisfaction and needs ahead of his own wants and desires. He is also incredibly protective of her when she is confronted by her past.

The same strong family connection from Double Shot (reviewed here) is also present in A Shot in the Dark. Ian’s advice and support plays a strong role in Paige coming to terms with both her past and present relationships. Intriguing glimpses of Josh, the owner of Mavericks, keeps me hoping Ms. d’Abo will someday tell us his story.

A Shot in the Dark is a highly sensual read and provides readers with valuable insight into the BDSM lifestyle. I enjoyed getting to know Paige and Carter, and I am impatiently awaiting Ian’s story Pulled Long which will be available December 12.

If you are looking for a series that is fresh, unique and incredibly sexy, then you should give the Long Shots series a try.


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4 Responses to A Shot in the Dark by Christine d’Abo

  1. Tiss Treib

    Thanks for the review Kathy, I’m going to check out the books, or at least add them to my wish list! Have a great Day!

  2. Eileen

    I see now that both sisters have their stories at the same club and I wonder if there is an overlap in their stories and if either one of them is aware of their siblings desires. I’m not sure how I would react if my own sibling was into the lifestyle and I didn’t know about it. Do I have to worry about that if I got into this serires?