Hotblooded by Erin Nicholas

Title: Hotblooded by Erin Nicholas
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Length: Novel
Book Rating: B

Her mama always said the women in their family were hotblooded…

And it’s been causing Brooke Donovan trouble her whole life. But it wasn’t until her mother took on the most powerful man in Honey Creek, Texas, that Brooke truly realized the daughter of the town whore didn’t stand a chance. When she left, it was supposed to be for good. But now, thanks to her late husband’s deal with their hometown, she’s back in the last place on earth she wants to be. Temporarily. As soon as her debts are paid off, she’s outta here. Until in walks the one man who can make her rethink everything.

Dr. Jack Silver fixes things. So, when he learns his uncle is responsible for Brooke losing her husband, his sense of honor drives him across Texas to make amends. Instead of a broken woman, though, he finds a gorgeous, feisty physician’s assistant trying to survive in a town that wants her gone. She also has a mile-high fence built out of pride—and a clinic that’s at risk of going belly up. She may not want his money, but the clinic? He can fix that. He just never expects that in setting Brooke back on her feet, he’ll be swept right off his own.

Product Warnings: Contains a hot-blooded woman, a man who really likes that about her, a town with a long memory, and a cappuccino machine that makes it all worthwhile.

The Review:

Hotblooded by Erin Nicholas is a deliciously steamy yet very sweet romance. An instant attraction between Dr. Jack Silver and Brooke Donovan quickly becomes complicated when their lust turns to love.

Because of her mother’s notorious past, Brooke is always prim, proper, buttoned up, cool and aloof. Well, most of the time anyway. Every once in a while she sets her inner vixen free, and that is the Brooke Donovan that Dr. Jack Silver meets. Imagine Jack’s surprise when he later meets the “real” Brooke. With a (perceived) debt to settle, superhero Jack sets out to “rescue” Brooke.

The buildup of Brooke and Jack’s relationship is a slow burn that occasionally bursts into flames. Bits and pieces of the story are revealed painstakingly slow but the surprising twists make it well worth the wait. Brooke’s obsession with the town’s opinion of her is frustrating, but understandable given her past. Jack patience with Brooke’s hot and cold attitude culminates in an epic showdown that proves to be a dramatic turning point for both characters.

Hotblooded by Erin Nicholas is a fabulous read with winsome characters and an engaging storyline. The dialogue between Brooke and Jack is humorous, sexy and thought-provoking. Their lovemaking is deliciously hot and spicy. The epilogue is heartwarming and perfectly wraps up this delightful romance.

Whether you are an Erin Nicholas fan or just a fan of contemporary romances, you should definitely add Hotblooded to your list of must read novels.


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2 Responses to Hotblooded by Erin Nicholas

  1. Timitra

    Erin Nicolas is a new author to me. Hot Blooded sounds a steamily great read. I’m definitely adding it to my wishlist!!!!

  2. Ruth Smithson

    Sounds like another hot book 🙂