What Binds Us by Larry Benjamin

Title: What Binds Us by Larry Benjamin
Publisher: Carina Press
Genre: M/M, Contemporary, Romance
Length: 60,000 words
Book Rating: A

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Thomas-Edward is only a teenager when he escapes his working-class neighborhood. He’s ready for anything–except the arrival of Donovan Whyte in his life. Sophisticated and dazzlingly handsome, Dondi quickly becomes the center of Thomas-Edward’s universe, introducing him to a world full of drama, passion and feuding families.

When their relationship fizzles, they remain uneasy friends until Dondi invites Thomas-Edward to his family’s summer house. Thomas-Edward is immediately attracted to Dondi’s mysterious brother, Matthew–and finds himself hopelessly drawn to both men.

As time passes, Thomas-Edward develops a unique bond with both brothers as they orbit around each other, although he knows only one of them can be his lifelong love. Will the three of them be able to find a way to hold on to each other? Or will love, its loss and the threat of death destroy their connection once and for all?

60,000 words

The Review:

Larry Benjamin’s What Binds Us is an entrancing novel about love and family. Thomas-Edward Lawrence is swept into the Whyte family when he falls for the charming and effervescent Dondi. Ever-elusive, Dondi continues to wander in and out of Thomas-Edward’s life. Completely welcomed into the Whyte family, Thomas-Edward feels an immediate connection to Dondi’s brother Matthew. The three men forge a bond that withstands all of the happiness and tragedy that life brings.

What Binds Us is a well-written romance with a unique plot. The characters are three-dimensional and appealing. Told in first person from Thomas-Edward’s perspective, the reader is fully engaged in this fast-paced and engrossing narrative.

What Binds Us by Larry Benjamin is a compelling character study that is rife with strong emotions. It is a powerful story that demonstrates valuable life lessons about acceptance and the true meaning of family. Sometimes dramatic and heartbreaking, What Binds Us is always uplifting with a strong undercurrent of love.

Definitely a must read for anyone who enjoys a heartfelt love story.


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  1. Eileen

    What a great recommendation. Thanks for the review Kathy.

    • Book Reviews & More by Kathy

      You’re welcome, Eileen. I think everyone should read it-doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of m/m romances or not.

  2. Timitra

    Thanks for the author and book recommend Kathy it sounds really good!

  3. Cec

    Sounds like a great read! I will be adding it to my tbr pile!
    Thank you for the review, Kathy!!