North of Heartbreak by Julie Rowe

Title: North of Heartbreak by Julie Rowe
Publisher: Carina Press
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Length: 48,000 words
Book Rating: b

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Since her divorce, Willa Hayes has thrown herself into her work as a nurse practitioner in the remote town of Stony Creek, Alaska. She’s regained her self-confidence and her heart is almost healed. Then her newfound peace is shaken by the arrival of sexy flyboy Liam Reynolds. Willa can’t deny she’s instantly, intensely attracted to him–even if she’s convinced he’s yet another Mr. Wrong.

Liam has his own reasons for fleeing to the isolation of the north, and a relationship is the last thing he wants. He wasn’t counting on being drawn to the pretty nurse who accompanies patients on his flights to southern hospitals.
Fortunately, the temptation–and the desire to avoid anything serious–is mutual. So the pair comes up with an arrangement: sensual, steamy, no-strings fun. But when things heat up on a cold Alaskan night, the rules of the game may change forever…

48,000 words

The Review:

Set amid the splendor of the Alaskan wilderness, North of Heartbreak is a beguiling romance about trust and letting go of the past. But the most important message author Julie Rowe marvelously demonstrates is not judging a person based on the actions of others. Liam Reynolds brings nurse practitioner’s Willa Hayes painful past to life as she fights her unnerving and unwelcome attraction to the gorgeous new pilot.

Willa and Liam are fabulously flawed and wounded protagonists. Willa’s first experience with marriage has left her wary and mistrustful of handsome men with money. The marriage ended on a tragic note and she has struggled to recover her self-esteem and overcome the emotional scars left by her ex-husband. Her first encounter with Liam brings long buried memories to life as she tries to keep an emotional and physical distance from him.

Liam’s last relationship hurt him deeply and has left him with serious trust issues of his own. Coming from a privileged background, his new career as an Alaskan bush pilot is a humbling experience. Despite her antagonist attitude toward him, Liam is unfailingly cheerful and always willing to lend Willa a helping hand. Their budding friendship takes an amorous turn but an unexpected plot twist threatens their fragile relationship.

North of Heartbreak is a fast-paced story that beautifully captures the spirit of Alaska. Willa and Liam’s relationship slowly develops during their many adventures and medical emergencies that life in the Alaskan bush brings. They handle the conflict that arises between them maturely and in a realistic manner. Their romance is incredibly sweet and their lovemaking is full of emotion and quite sensual.

A wonderful love story that fans of contemporary romance are sure to love.


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6 Responses to North of Heartbreak by Julie Rowe

  1. Eileen

    sounds like a wonderful story. you had my with your first two lines of your review. not judging based on the actions of others. so true!

    • Book Reviews & More by Kathy

      Wow, Eileen, that is a GREAT compliment! I lived in Alaska, so I just had to read it. It made me miss Alaska all over again! Great book.

  2. Tamsyn

    Love the review. It sounds like a sweet love story and I love those two protagonists already! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Timitra

    Sounds really interesting!