Cowboy Crazy by Joanne Kennedy

Title: Cowboy Crazy by Joanne Kennedy
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Imprint: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Length: 384 pages
Book Rating: B

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From stable to boardroom…

Sarah Landon’s Ivy League scholarship transforms her from a wide–eyed country girl into a poised professional. Until she’s assigned to do damage control with the boss’s rebellious brother Lane, who’s the burr in everybody’s saddle. He’s determined to save his community from oil drilling, and she’s not going back to the ranch she left forever. Spurs will shine in this saucy romp about ranchers and roots, redemption and second chances.

The Review:

Joanne Kennedy’s Cowboy Crazy is a delightful romance with an underlying storyline that gives the novel depth and substance. Sarah Landon and Lane Carrigan might be on the opposing sides of oil drilling issue, but neither can deny the passion burning between them.

Growing up dirt poor in Two Shot, WY, Sarah Landon could not wait to escape her small hometown. Now working in public relations for Carrigan Oil, she is brought face to face with the town and people she left behind. Sarah slowly reconciles her painful past while fighting to keep her job.

Lane Carrigan is a cowboy through and through. Unlike his brother Eric, he eschews city living, instead opting to work the family ranch and ride bulls on the rodeo circuit. He has seen the devastation wrought by big oil companies and he fights Eric tooth and nail when Eric decides to drill for oil on the family ranch.

The oil drilling issue is what makes Cowboy Crazy such an outstanding read. Ms. Kennedy beautifully presents all sides of this controversial issue in a very thought-provoking manner. There are no easy answers no matter where one stands on the matter and I like how this part of the plot played out.

Cowboy Crazy is an exceptional novel with an extraordinary cast of characters. It is a heartwarming story about self-discovery, redemption and love. Fans of contemporary western fiction are sure to enjoy this provocative and sexy romance by Joanne Kennedy.


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10 Responses to Cowboy Crazy by Joanne Kennedy

  1. Eileen

    Slowly reading this series and loving it. Thanks for the review.

  2. suzanne

    New author and series. I love cowboys, so I can’t go wrong reading it. Sounds like a HEA story, where people grow up and that gets missed. I look forward to getting it.

  3. Sara T

    Ordered this book and cannot wait to read it. Sounds like a fun read.

  4. Book Reviews & More by Kathy

    She is a new to me author, and I’ve already bought some books on her backlist!

  5. Sharon

    I’ve read this series and can’t wait to read this newest addition. I’ve enjoyed all of Ms. Kennedy’s books.

  6. Shelly W

    Sounds like a good book to start on. Will have to add this to my TBR list.


  7. Mel Bourn

    I love the cover. I just want to smile and laugh with this hunky cowboy!

  8. Cec

    I read the first book in the series. I loved it! I’m definitely getting the rest of the series. Cowboy Crazy, sounds like a fun read 
    Thanks for the great review!!

  9. Timitra

    It sounds exceptional-thanks Kathy for the author recommend!

  10. Tamsyn

    I haven’t read this series yet. Sounds like a great book. Thanks for sharing.