Saturday Series Spotlight: Jean Harrington’s Murders by Design & Contest

For a light-hearted romp through a landscape studded with dead bodies, take a look at the brand new Murders by Design Mysteries Series. Set in glamour town Naples, Florida the series features Deva Dunne, a sassy, witty interior designer as amateur sleuth.

In the first book, Designed for Death, Deva’s a red-haired 32 year old widow with a broken heart and gorgeous legs who moves to Florida to start life anew. Desperate to recover from the untimely death of her husband, she is soon embroiled in another death—the murder of her first Florida client, exotic dancer Treasure who is famous for using a live python in her act. How Deva helps alpha male, Lieutenant Victor Rossi, find Treasure’s killer while searching for a new path to happiness is the story of Designed for Death.

The second book in the series, The Monet Murders, continues Deva’s exploits. By now, her interior design business has caught on, and her clients are more upscale. But that doesn’t keep her out of trouble. Not when a world class Monet masterpiece is stolen from the home of her first big client and the cook is shot dead. Again Deva and Rossi are embroiled in the search for a thief and murderer. And to Deva’s amazement, a brand new love is turning her life into an exciting adventure.

The next book, recently completed, Killer Kitchens, continues Deva’s escapades. She bears her emotional scars well, with wit and humor and knows, knows, the devil’s in the details and that’s where she’s determined he’ll stay. This girl’s on a roll!

Title: Designed for Death
Murders by Design Book One
Publisher: Carina Press
Genre: Contemporary, Mystery
Length: 67,000 words


An Eye for Detail, a Nose for Trouble

Interior designer Deva Dunne’s latest project comes to a screeching halt when blood on the carpet leads her to the body of her client, an exotic dancer with a mysterious past. But the murdered woman is not the only resident of the posh beachfront condominium with secrets, and investigating officer Lieutenant Victor Rossi considers them all suspects.

Though wary of working in the killer’s midst, Deva continues decorating the unit for the new owner. When she stumbles upon clues that might help crack the case, she can’t resist doing a little digging of her own, despite Rossi’s orders to quit meddling. Now, she’s juggling the investigation, her career and sexy neighbor Simon Yaeger, who seems interested in more than her etchings.

Deva can’t help but be flattered by all the male attention—that is, until she realizes the killer has designs on her, too…

67,000 words

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Title: The Monet Murders
Murders by Design Book Two
Publisher: Carina Press
Genre: Contemporary, Mystery
Length: 71,000 words


Interior decorator Deva Dunne never dreamed she’d see a Monet hanging on someone’s dining room wall. Then she snags a client with two Monet seascapes. Her thrill lasts until she finds one of the paintings missing, cut from its frame, and the cook shot dead.

Rough-around-the edges, but gorgeous all-around police lieutenant Victor Rossi insists Deva leave the sleuthing to the police. But what could it hurt to come up with a list of suspects that doesn’t include herself? Like the owners of the Monets, a rich man and his trophy wife, and their frequent guests. Even the cook’s husband is suspect. Then Deva finds another victim, clutching a very strange set of clues.

Desperate to save her business amid the negative publicity, Deva helps Rossi investigate. And when he needs advice decorating his bedroom, she just might find a client for life. Unless a killer gets to her first.

71,000 words

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***The eBooks in this giveaway were donated by Jean Harrington.***


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5 Responses to Saturday Series Spotlight: Jean Harrington’s Murders by Design & Contest

  1. Joanne B

    Both books sound great. I like to read a series in order, so I’ll have to choose Designed For Death. Thanks for the giveaway.

  2. This sounds like a great series! I’m entering the contest and hope to win a copy of Designed For Death.

  3. What a great series and, like Sandy N., I want to read them in sequence too. I already love the protagonist and I’m looking forward to her escapades!

  4. Timitra

    If I win I want the first in the series Designed for Death!

  5. Sara T

    I would love to have the second book by Jean Harrington. Have the first and it was a fun read. Thanks for the opportunity.