The Lovesick Cure by Pamela Morsi

Title: The Lovesick Cure by Pamela Morsi
Publisher: Harlequin
Imprint: HarlequinMIRA
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Length: 416 pages
Book Rating: B

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What do you do when your groom gets cold feet?

For Jesse Winsloe, the answer is clear: head into hiding. Single again laid off from work, Jesse flees Onery Cabin to lick her wounds her ancient aunt Will—a Granny woman with the secret to healing the lovelorn.

Sure, Onery Cabin may be right out of Hollywood’s Lifestyles of the Poor and Hillbilly, but Marrying Stone Mountain has its charm—including the local physician’s assistant, Piney Baxley, a past recipient of Aunt Will’s pungent “heartbreak poultice.”

Between folk remedies and a “no strings attached” romance, Jesse is beginning to think she’s found her own brand of lovesick cure—because there’s nothing like a pinch of confidence and a dash of attraction to mend a broken heart.

The Review:

Pamela Morsi can always be counted on to deliver a heartfelt and thought-provoking novel with a charming cast of characters that will capture your heart and The Lovesick Cure is no exception. The romance between Jesse Winsloe and Piney Baxley is sweet yet steamy but it is Aunt Will who shines the brightest in this outstanding story set in the Ozark Mountains.

If you are a longtime fan of Ms. Morsi, you will recognize the setting of Marrying Stone from two of her previous historical novels, Marrying Stone and Simple Jess. It is wonderful to revisit the small Ozark town, catch up on the family and see the impact the past has on the present. It is not necessary to read these books to enjoy The Lovesick Cure but for those who have, it adds an extra layer to this contemporary story.

Laid off from her teaching job and nursing a broken heart when her fiancé marries someone else, Jesse Winsloe heads to Marrying Stone for a short visit with her Aunt Will. Is Aunt Will’s lovesick cure (a stinky poultice) just what Jesse needs to fix her broken heart? Is she just too busy reconnecting with a slew of relatives and learning to subsistence farm to moon over her ex? Or is her friends with benefits fling with sexy physician’s assistant Piney Baxley responsible for mending her wounded heart?

Piney Baxley has had his heart broken in the past, and it took Aunt Will’s lovesick cure to fix it. A single father raising his teenage son, Tree, Piney is dedicated to his job and loves living in Marrying Stone. But living in a small town where he is related to half the residents, there is a definite lack of eligible women for Piney to date. Jesse does not have to do much talking to convince Piney a short term affair is just what the doctor ordered.

Aunt Will is the heart and soul of The Lovesick Cure. Full of wisdom, this granny woman is revered by most of the townspeople. She is practical, no nonsense and not afraid to speak her mind. While on the surface, she appears to be an open book, she is actually harboring a few surprising secrets.

The Lovesick Cure is a beautiful journey that takes the reader through the ups and downs of life, love and family. Jesse and Piney’s romance is sweet and slow growing and plays out in the midst of all of life’s joys and sorrows. There is a delightful secondary romance between Tree and his girlfriend Camryn that reflects Piney’s strong influence on his son and Tree’s maturity.

I found The Lovesick Cure easy to relate to and an accurate depiction of life in the Ozarks. I grew up around and lived in some of the towns mentioned and I have relatives who resemble some of Ms. Morsi’s characters. Everyone should be so lucky as to have an Aunt Will in their lives.

Ms. Morsi does a wonderful job capturing the differences between the generations. Coming from an older generation, Aunt Will keeps her private life private and carries her secrets close to her heart. The storyline with Camryn and Tree is realistic and the resolution is perfect.

The Lovesick Cure is wonderful romance with a lot of heart. Pamela Morsi is a favorite author of mine that I highly recommend. As always, I am eagerly anticipating her next novel.

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