ebook Contest 3/20/13

Here are the eBooks for this week’s Winning Wednesday contest:

Title: Velocity by Cassandra Carr
Buckin’ Bull Riders Book Four
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic, Romance
Length: Novel


Book four in the Buckin’ Bull Riders series.

Paolo D’Allesandro has been living in his older brother Marco’s shadow. But he’s getting older now and realizing he and Marco don’t want the same things. He’s not sure what his next step is, but knows he needs to quit riding to figure it out.

Savannah Harrington is a grad student working on a thesis about adrenaline junkies. She’s joined the bull riders’ tour to study the men and their motivations to willingly take part in a dangerous sport. Upon meeting Paolo, they both feel an instant connection. She can’t stay away from the sexy Italian and his mind-numbing skills in the bedroom, but knows the relationship can’t last.

Both wish their circumstances were different, but Paolo doesn’t think he has anything to offer Savannah, and Savannah doesn’t want to pressure Paolo into another life decision that will make someone else happy, but not fulfill him. As her time to go back to school draws closer, they need to figure out how to get their highest score yet—in the game of love.

Title: Hotter than Texas by Tina Leonard
Pecan Creek Series Book One
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Length: Novel


Perfection takes time, but desire waits for no man. Or woman…

Pecan Creek, Book 1

With more than one skeleton rattling in her closet, Sugar Cassavechia hopes “The Most Honest Town in Texas” will be the perfect place to start an online business. As soon as her mother remembers the family recipe that’ll get hotterthanhellnuts.com off the ground.

In the meantime, no way is Sugar letting their new landlord get away with renting them a run-down house that’s decorated like a rich widow’s orgasm. Even if he’s the biggest hunk of hot she’s ever laid eyes on.

Jake Bentley would love to do nothing but sit back and be amused as the Cassavechia women unwittingly stir up trouble in his uptight town. But something about them thaws out his frozen rescue complex. Especially Sugar’s long, chestnut hair and sassy mouth.

Right about the time Sugar figures one steamy night in Jake’s bed won’t hurt, another skeleton joins the party in the form of a dead body in the “Belle Watling” room. And Sugar must decide if her family’s reputation—and her own heart—are safe with Jake.

Product Warnings: No sex in this book. Nope. None. Nada. Honest. Now, if you believe that, the author has an iceberg in Texas to sell you. Better hurry before there’s none left to cool the fevered dreams generated by this book.

Title: Leather+Lace by A.B. Gayle
Opposites Attract
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic, M/M, Romance, BDSM/Kink, Menage, M/M/M
Length: 304 pages


An Opposites Attract novel

Swathed in chiffon and lace, Steven Stanhope owns the stage as Stevie Tricks, lip-synching the songs of the famous gypsy queen. But after he escapes an abusive Master/slave relationship, the only collar he’ll allow around his neck is black velvet.

After a four-year absence, Steve is ready to reclaim his life and the property he left behind. But is it safe? Definitely not if his ex is still into leather. To find out, Steve appears at a charity night for the local BDSM community, using the anonymity of his stage persona to mask his identity.

Instead of his ex-Master, Julius, Steve finds a tangled mess centered around another Master of Leather, Donato Rossi. In order to unravel their ties to the past, Steve and Don must find common ground and work together. In the process, they learn that when it comes to love, sometimes you have to make your own rules.

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19 Responses to ebook Contest 3/20/13

  1. Sarah

    Leather + Lace looks interesting – please count me in 🙂

  2. Eileen

    Hotter than Texas looks like a good beginning for a new series.

  3. Mel Bourn

    HOLY COW!! These all look awesome! I love Cassandra Carr..Velocity Please!

  4. laurie goudge

    Leather + Lace looks interesting – please count me in 🙂

  5. Karl

    I would love to win Leathe+Lace. Thanks.

  6. Suze

    Leather and Lace for me too- its going on the to buy list!

  7. Trix

    LEATHER AND LACE looks excellent!

  8. Shelly Wegand

    Hotter Than Texas, but they all look super great

  9. Shannon Bereza

    I would love Velocity! The cover speaks for itself.

  10. Ruth S.

    This week I think it is Hotter than Texas. This book sounds hot!!!!
    Thank you.

  11. Elizabeth M

    Velocity’s cover is great. Looks like one I’d love to read.

  12. Judi P

    Ahh~~ I would absolutely love to win Leather+Lace by A.B. Gayle!
    Thank you!!!

  13. Jen B.

    Well, I was sure this week I would have a clear picture of which book I wanted but noooooo!!! They all sound great. Velocity = bull riders. Hotter than Texas is book 1 in a series. Leather + Lace is kinky. How am I to decide? I think Hotter than Texas is my top choice but Leather + Lace is a close second. Of course, I wouldn’t turn down Velocity either. Ugh!

  14. Urbanista

    Leather + Lace looks like great fun. I follow in all ways, thanks! :o)

  15. Most definitely I’ll go with Leather N Lace. Thank You Ladies!!!

  16. Heather E

    How do I choose between two cowboys? I’d like to read Velocity by Cassandra Carr because I’ve read the first three books. Impact is still my favorite so far. There is just something about Conner Raub that does it for me. Would love to see if Cassandra can top him with Paolo. Thanks for the giveaway. 🙂

  17. Seriously lovin the tats on Velocity by Cassandra Carr

  18. Timitra

    All books look and sound really good but if I win I want Velocity by Cassandra Carr!

  19. Joanne B

    I’d love to win a copy of Velocity. All the books sound fantastic. Thanks for the giveaway.