Spotlight & Contest: Worth the Trouble by Becky McGraw

Title: Worth the Trouble by Becky McGraw
Texas Trouble Series Book Nine
Publisher: Becky McGraw
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Word Count: 106,329 (approximate)


Horse trainer and female ranch hand Roxanne Baker’s daddy had warned her about smooth-talking city boys at sixteen. She had always taken his advice as gospel until she met Ethan Cassidy.

Until then it had been easy, because she intimidated most men in her profession, most men in general. When she didn’t intimidate them, Rocky became a stumbling idiot around them, not able to string two words together.

When Ethan, her only female friend’s brother, visited the R & R Ranch for the bull riding adventure a year prior, and proceeded to save his sister from a flooded creek, Rocky developed a serious case of hero worship. At Terri’s wedding, that turns into much more.

The next time she sees Ethan though, he is a changed man, definitely not the charming alpha firefighter who had made love to her in the hayloft all night long. He wants nothing to do with her, and Rocky is determined to find out what happened to him and help him find that man again.

Spec Ops Paramedic and Firefighter, Ethan Cassidy has the world by the balls. In his job and his involvement with the Texas Task Force 1, Ethan takes risks every day that would turn most people’s stomach, both to save lives and to feed his adrenaline addiction. He knows that every day could be his last, so he milks every ounce of zest out of life that he can find.

Roxanne Baker’s long legs and cherry-flavored lips are just the kind of zest he likes best. The capable and country-beautiful female ranch hand intrigues him when he visits his sister’s ranch to learn to ride rodeo bulls. She won’t give him the time of day however, so he waits until Terri’s wedding and tries again with her.

After the wedding and a wonderous night in the hayloft with Roxanne, Ethan goes back to Henrietta and his life is changed forever by an accident on the job. Ethan is depressed and refuses therapy to rehabilitate, because what’s the use? He will never be a firefighter or paramedic again. He is thirty years old and his life is over.

His sister won’t let him wallow though, she comes and drags him back to the ranch, and between her and Roxanne, Ethan has no choice but to work hard to recover. When Rocky joins an equine search and rescue team, and invites him to join too, he finds his motivation and new purpose.

A fire investigation of the accident scene shows that his accident may have been no accident at all and Ethan is shocked to find out a member of his fire crew might have been behind trying to kill him.

A child goes missing in Palo Duro Canyon State Park and the equine search and rescue team is called upon to help the Texas Task Force find her. Ethan and Roxanne work together as a team there, but other forces are at work too to make sure they don’t leave that wilderness alive.

Working together in that park, both Ethan and Roxanne find exactly what they’ve been searching for–love. Holding on to that love though will take using every skill they possess, but in the end they know it will all be worth the trouble.

Note: Although part of a series, Worth the Trouble can be read as a standalone story.

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    Thanks for the giveaway. sounds like an interesting book.

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    Congrats on the release. Worth the Trouble sounds fantastic. Can’t wait to read it to see more of Roxanne and Ethan. Love the cover.