Release Day Spotlight: Debra Kayn’s Suite Cowboy

Title: Suite Cowboy by Debra Kayn
Publisher: Turquoise Morning Press
Genre: Contemporary, Romance


Ava Walsh has one more week left of her month long evaluation period for the managerial position at Holland Hotel when her boss announces he’s going on vacation. Left in charge and determined to earn a full time job, she vows to tackle any problem that arises. What she doesn’t plan on is the Cattlemen’s Association convention coming to the hotel the same week she is in charge—or the rugged cowboy who always seems to show up when something goes wrong. And a lot of things are going wrong!

Cattle Rancher, Hank Holland, is tired of bending over backward for his half-brother Drake and bailing him out of trouble. Hoping to reunite with his brother and bring the family back together, Hank swears this is the last time he’s going to come to his rescue. Hank agrees to take over for his brother, anonymously, and finds himself evaluating the new employee at the hotel. She is one hot filly. Maybe the job won’t be difficult at all. If things work out, he can keep her busy solving problems at the hotel during the day, and enjoy a little one on one at night…as long as he can keep his identity secret.

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