Review: The Heiresses by Allison Rushby

Title: The Heiresses by Allison Rushby
Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin
Genre: Historical, Fiction
Length: 350 pages
Book Rating: B

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In Allison Rushby’s Heiresses, three triplets—estranged since birth—are thrust together in glittering 1926 London to fight for their inheritance, only to learn they can’t trust anyone—least of all each other.

When three teenage girls, Thalia, Erato and Clio, are summoned to the excitement of fast-paced London—a frivolous, heady city full of bright young things—by Hestia, an aunt they never knew they had, they are shocked to learn they are triplets and the rightful heiresses to their deceased mother’s fortune. All they need to do is find a way to claim the fortune from their greedy half-brother, Charles. But with the odds stacked against them, coming together as sisters may be harder than they think.

The Review:

The Heiresses by Allison Rushby is an engaging historical novel with a refreshingly unique storyline. Separated at birth and raised in very different households, triplets Thalia, Erato (Ro) and Clio are reunited by their Aunt Hestia following their father’s death.

Mostly ignored by her foster family, oldest sister, Thalia, falls into a “fast” crowd and is soon spending her days and nights in an alcohol and drug induced haze. The least likable and most self-centered of the three sisters, she is emotionally damaged and harboring a tragic secret. It takes most of the story to learn what is behind her reckless and sometimes thoughtless behavior and once her history is revealed, Thalia becomes a much more sympathetic character.

Middle sister Ro has always longed for a large family so she is delighted to learn she has two sisters. Ro is very intelligent and dreams of becoming a doctor. She is quite sensible and level-headed so it comes as quite a surprise when she quickly falls head over heels in love. Determined to win the object of her affections, Ro goes to surprising lengths to win his heart.

Youngest sister Clio is the most innocent and altruistic of the three girls. Raised in a loving home by a Vicar and his wife, Clio is the most uncomfortable with her new glamorous lifestyle. She is a bit shy and naïve, but Clio has surprising depth and she is definitely no pushover.

Intertwined with the sisters’ personal stories is the intrigue surrounding the girls’ births and their quest for their inheritance. Their half-brother, Charles, has inherited their mothers’ fortune and he is not inclined to return it to the girls. The sisters are soon at odds with one another over the inheritance and their suspicions about one another’s intentions are aroused. There are many unexpected twists and turns as Thalia, Ro and Clio delve into the secrets of their past.

The Heiresses resonates with authenticity and Allison Rushby’s meticulous research paints a realistic portrait of both the good and bad of the Roaring Twenties. This entertaining novel is an absolute must read for anyone who enjoys historical fiction.

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