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Crossing the Streams by Kimber Vale

I’ve been planning a blog tour for my M/M rock star romance “Forever is Now” for some time, and the notion of crossing the streams has hit me over the head on more than one occasion. I don’t mean in a Ghostbusting sense. I don’t mean in a two-little-boys-peeing-in-a-toilet-at-the-same-time-and-screaming-about-crossing-the-streams kind of way (yes, that’s how we roll in my house). But, I mean trying to navigate the waters of potential readers when you write both hetero romance and gay romance.

Now, don’t get me wrong—some people do read both. Here I am raising my hand, or at least I would be raising it if I wasn’t typing. Sometimes I’m in the mood for one, and sometimes I’ve got a hankerin’ for the other. And, hell, sometimes I pick up a Stephen King. But there are plenty of people who don’t ever want someone else’s chocolate dipped in their peanut butter. And that’s absolutely fine! To each his or her own. I totally get that.

It’s just tricky for me personally, when I’m considering giveaways for my stops. Usually they come from an author’s backlist of books. Well, my only other novel out so far is my M/F sci-fi romance called Star Catcher. When I’m hosted by blogs that cater to M/M readers, I don’t think my straight romance is a viable option for an e-book prize.

I also have a number of short stories published in anthologies, many of which have mixed sexual pairings, so it’s hard to know what to do. For my stop here on Kathy’s site, I’ve decided, screw it—gift card! So, for a random commenter, I’ll supply a $5 Amazon gift card, and you can buy whatever flavor book you like (within reason—if you’re a hardcover collector, you can buy a sixth of a book). And just for the record, my new release Forever is Now is reasonably priced at $4.99 ;-).

For fun, why don’t you tell me in your comments what your favorite genre/subgenre is, and whether or not you ever cross the streams?

Title: Forever is Now by K. Vale
Shooting Stars Series Book One
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic, Romance, M/M
Length: 154 pages (estimated)/Word Count: 51,000


If you love someone, set him free. If he steals something of yours, hunt him down and make him sorry.

Alex Bremen is over Chance Ralan. Ever since his high school boyfriend ditched him nine years ago, Alex has barely thought of Chance at all. Sure, Alex attended a concert or two when his ex’s band, Armageddon Showdown, was in the area, but that was more curiosity than anything else. Who wouldn’t want to see firsthand how his once clean-cut boyfriend transformed into a pierced and tattooed heavy metal god?

But when Chance has the nerve to record a love song Alex wrote for him years ago, Alex crosses the country to confront him. Revenge becomes a dish best served sizzling hot. The two men lock horns, but find the chemistry between them has only intensified with time, and occasionally love needs to do some growing up before it can be done right.

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Mature Excerpt (Please make sure you are of legal age in your country before proceeding)

“I bet you never got over that first boyfriend, huh?” Delia must have been a scab-picker as a kid. She just did not quit.

“Him? I gave up on him a long time ago.”

“Well, he sounds like a real asshole, letting you go.” Delia shrugged.

“Yeah, his loss, right?”

Chance picked up his beer glass and chugged the remainder before he slammed it down on the table. He nudged the startled groupie, who scooted out of the booth with him right behind her. Like a pent-up and poked lion, he stalked to the bar. Judging by the two fingers Chance held up, he ordered a double of something clear. He threw back the shooter and stomped off toward the men’s room.

“What’s his deal?” Delia asked no one in particular.

Alex’s glass was low, and he used the opportunity to excuse himself. Jools grabbed his computer and slid it over to pick up where he left off without a skipped beat. Miles racked pool balls across the room, while Jimmy laughed loudly and chalked his cue. Alex breathed a sigh of relief to see his assistant occupied.

He was so stupid for sticking his dick in that guy. He’d have to look for another position for him—one where they wouldn’t work closely together. Obviously, Miles hadn’t gotten past it.

When Alex entered the men’s room, he initially thought Chance wasn’t in there after all. A toilet flushed, and the door on the end stall flew open hard enough to crash against the tiled wall behind it. Chance squinted at him as they both stood before the row of sinks, the rocker washing his hands and Alex giving him a dull stare.

“What the fuck are you playing at, Alex? Why are you here?”

“What am I playing at? You’ve got to be kidding, right?”

“You come here just to screw with my head?” Chance stared accusingly into the mirror, moss-green eyes skewering Alex.

“Like you need any help with that, Chance. I think your head is fucked well and good, and it’s got nothing to do with me. Besides, you sent me a goddamn bat signal on the airwaves when you used my song!”

“So, you didn’t just show up ’cause you missed this, huh?” He grinned maliciously into the glass while he grabbed his crotch in a mocking gesture. In the harsh lighting, even with his dark makeup ringing his eyes from the concert, and the ebony spiral of a dragon’s body curling around his neck and disappearing into the ripped collar of his shirt, Alex could still see flashes of the boy he once knew. The row of stainless steel rings that marched up his left earlobe, and the skinny black leather pants, the anti-social hair and full sleeves of ink—even the cold and cynical glint in his eyes couldn’t completely mask the Chance Alex used to adore.

you need me. I’m over it. But here you fuckin’ are, Chance—you made it to the big time without me, and without that song. The least you could do is show an ounce of fucking respect for what we had.”

“I do… I didn’t…” He tripped over his words, and Alex shook his head, about to walk out. Distance was the best thing to have between them. Why did he think confronting Chance would bring some sort of resolution, some kind of healing to the wound that never closed no matter how much time passed? He should have known being so near Chance would tear him apart all over again.

“Wait. Alex?” Chance exhaled a deep breath as if trying to decide if he really wanted to say whatever he was about to.

“I was drunk one night. I couldn’t get you … that song out of my head. I just thought if I sang it, I could sleep, ya know? Cliff heard me. Said we had to cut it.” Chance shook his head as if to negate his words. “He had the rest of the band pressure me.”

“So, once again, I lose to the band, huh? It’s classic Chance. You fucked me over for your career already! Years later, with an entire country between us, you do it again? I let you go, Chance. You should do the same.”

“Did you really?” Chance turned toward him, closing the distance between their bodies. Alex smelled sweat and leather, and Chance’s breath held the essence of liquor as he spoke. “You want to tell me you didn’t think about me at all this whole time? Is that why you never tried to find me? Never called?”

“Are you fucking serious? Is that what I was supposed to do?” Alex clenched his fists, torn between wanting to hit him, and dying to know if his lips, his tongue, tasted like vodka, or beer, or both.
“It woulda shown you cared.”

“I see the world still revolves around you. Nice to know some things never change.”

“Yeah, some things don’t. Your eyes are still that same amazing blue.” Chance leaned closer and the tip of his tongue flicked out to smooth his lips. “I still feel like I could just … dive into them and drown.”

Fuck. A shiver of excitement rumbled through Alex’s body. He had come here to yell at him, to make him realize what a self-centered prick he was. Hopefully shame him, at least a little. After that he was going to leave.

Instead, he leaned in, and his lips were on Chance’s. And, good lord, he tasted and smelled just the way Alex remembered underneath the burn of booze. Chance’s face was rougher against his chin and cheeks, not like the smooth-faced boy Alex used to steal kisses from. Damn, if the man wasn’t so much hotter. He licked the seam of Chance’s closed lips and the guy groaned beneath Alex’s onslaught while his mouth opened in response. Their tongues met, and Chance molded his warm body against Alex’s.

Christ, he feels almost too good.

Alex’s hand wrapped around the back of Chance’s neck. He loved the thatch of hair at Chance’s nape. Different color, but still reassuringly soft. Threading his fingers through the silky mass, he pulled Chance’s mouth closer, his tongue deeper into his own moist heat.

Alex smiled against Chance’s mouth as the rocker ground his hips upward into Alex’s throbbing groin. The guy’s cock was hot and hard, wrapped in buttery leather. It surged against Alex’s hard-on.

Not everything changed.

The squeak of the outer door being tugged open broke the love buzz, and Chance wrenched guiltily out of his arms.

Alex turned on the tap in a liquid-lightning move and started splashing water around as nonchalantly as he could manage. The sink was the right height to cover most of the bulge in his pants, and he prayed it would be enough.

When Dave wobbled in with a shit-faced grin and a “Heyahh!” Alex knew they were safe. Chance was safe, actually, because Alex had quit giving a donkey’s dick what anyone thought about his sexuality a long time ago.

He ran wet fingers through his dark-brown hair and spared Chance a last look. He wouldn’t even make eye contact. The guy was obviously freaked out of his mind.

Alex laughed out loud at the look of abject terror twisting Chance’s face, and gave Dave a nod as he walked out. His balls burned with disappointment, but his heart was lighter than it had been in a long time.

Contest on Ms. Vale’s Blog

And stop by my blog— —to help me name the puppy in book two of my Shooting Stars series. The winner will get a shout-out in my acknowledgments, an e-copy of book two (Double Takes) when it releases, and a $20 Amazon gift card. You have until 10/6 to get your name suggestions in, so get to work on something totally rocking! And thanks for playing!

Today’s Contest

Ms. Vale is giving a $5 Amazon GC to one luck commenter. Leave a comment on today’s post by 5 PM Mountain Time Sunday afternoon. For fun, why don’t you tell me in your comments what your favorite genre/subgenre is, and whether or not you ever cross the streams?

The winner will be selected using The winner will be notified by e-mail. The winner will be posted HERE on Monday.


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16 Responses to Friday Feature: Forever is Now by K. Vale Guest Blog & Contest

  1. Christine LaCombe

    I love erotic romance and I am not a new reader of m/m romance. Forever is Now sounds just so darn good, I love those rockers. I can’t wait to read it. I am like you, most of the time I read mf erotic but every once I a while, I like to read mm, I will even go so far as saying I love ménages too, mfm, mmfm, mmfmm, or even mmm, mmmm, you get the idea, lol. Thanks for the giveaway.

  2. Sounds like you’re easy to please, Christine! 🙂 MMMM, huh? I’d love to write one, but I think I’d get all my “hes” and “hims” mixed up. 😉

    Thanks so much for hosting me, Kathy–you rock! <3 <3 <3

  3. Ashley E

    I read just about anything I can get my hands on, but romance and fantasy are my favorites, preferably combined. And I definitely cross streams. In fact, sometimes I feel weird when talking to other readers of M/M because it seems like so many of them won’t touch het with a ten-foot pole!

  4. Trix

    It’s complicated, I think. I don’t find myself reading much het anymore, but it’s not a conscious rejection (though I haven’t had much luck with a lot of the mainstream romances). I love menage (though I much prefer m/m/f–m/f/m feels kind of sad if the men don’t like to touch), and the presence of het sex is an m/m novel isn’t automatically a deal-breaker for me like it is for many people.

  5. Since the moment I discovered M/M a few years ago I don’t touch M/F’s anymore, as Ashley E describes, not even with a ten foot pole! 😛
    Your story, Forever Is Now, sounds super delicious! I’m an avid reader. Every spare time I have you’ll find me with a story in front of me. So far this year I’ve read 305 books and I’m about to start the next one. Most of them are Novel size. Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. Anas

    I like fantasy and contemporary romance, but one of my favorite genres is urban fantasy. While I love my m/m romance books, I’m don’t mind m/f books if it’s not the sole focuse of the fantasy stories.

  7. Nancy S

    When I discovered mm, well just WOW who knew. There are so many and I can’t afford to buy them all, so yeah, mostly just mm. I do enjoy an occasional alt-history or sci-fi.

  8. Yvonne Rodriguez

    Paranormal romance is my favorite genre. Thanks for sharing.

  9. deb p

    I like historical romances, but have read others.

  10. I love romance and fantasy books. Thanks for the excerpt and giveaway!

  11. H.B.

    I like a wide variety of genres. My favorite are M/M romance, historical romance, fantasy, and sci-fi. I usually stick to books with monogamous MC’s but occasionally I do read menage stories.

  12. My fave genres are LGBT, romance, and paranormal. And I do cross streams, though I don’t do it often these days 🙂


  13. Mary Preston

    I read across all genres. Historical Fantasy is a favorite right now.


  14. Penumbra

    MM erotic romance. Pretty much anything MM except horror. I also like Paranormal and Urban Fantasy.


  15. Carolyn

    Kimber, I absolutely read a mix of all types of books, with all types of romantic/sexual couplings, or not. Right now my favorite sub-genre is historical. I think the thing I read the least is paranormal or urban fantasy, but I do get those in, especially if an author I already love has written one. Thanks for the chance at the gc!

  16. Thanks for all the great comments, everyone! 🙂