Blog Tour Stop, Character Interview & Contest: A Kiss of Lies by Bronwen Evans

Thanks for inviting me over to introduce my latest release, A KISS OF LIES, book #1 in my new Disgraced Lords series. The romance focuses on Christian Trent, Earl of Markham and a Mrs. Sarah Cooper, a woman who he has employed to look after his ward, Lily.

Sarah has kindly agreed to come and chat with us today, and share a little bit about her story, and how she came to be employed by the Earl.

Bron: Good afternoon, Mrs. Cooper.

Sarah: Please, call me Sarah. It’s lovely to be here.

Bron: What made you become a governess? Did you train for the position?

Sarah: (smooths her skirts, shaking her head) No. I never in all my life thought I’d be a governess. Isn’t it funny, life has little surprises in store for you—not all of them good?

Bron: Is it because your husband died? Is that why you have to look for a job?

Sarah: (face going white) You could say that, yes, my husband’s death meant I needed security, and the role with the Earl would give me that and more…

Bron: I’ve heard the people of York, Canada, call the Earl, Devil Scarface and are scared of him. You must be desperate for security.

Sarah: (laughs gaily) He doesn’t frighten me. I’ve seen real evil and it looks nothing like Christian Trent. His burns received at Waterloo are a badge of honor. I can see past his scars. I used to worship him from afar in my younger days. He was a loveable rogue, very sought after by the ladies. To me he’s still the most handsome man I’ve ever known.

Bron: So you knew him before Canada. Did you grow up in England? Did you know his lordship previously? Is that how you got the job.

Sarah: Yes, I grew up in England. However, I had never been introduced to the Earl, but of course I knew who he was. The last time I spied him, he was in his officers uniform. He was so handsome, just looking at him took my breath away. But then he was badly burned at Waterloo, read the prequel on your website… I hardly notice the scars but others…People can be cruel.

Bron: I hear his lordship is sailing back to England. Are you happy to be going home?

Sarah: I’m over the moon. There’s a reason I want to leave, it’s not safe for me to stay in Canada. Don’t ask for I cannot share. If Christian found out…

Bron: Christian? That’s very informal. Is there more to your relationship than merely employment? Care to share?

Sarah: (blushing and wringing her hands) I think Christian would like there to be more. And yes, I could easily fall in love with Christian, but sometimes we cannot always have what we want. It’s not safe, or fair, for me to involve Christian in my life. I’ve too much baggage.

Bron: If you’re in trouble couldn’t the Earl protect you?

Sarah: (sigh) Ordinarily yes, but he’s been accused of a terrible crime. That’s the reason he’s returning to England. He wants to confront the woman who’s accused him of rape and force her to admit she lied. He’s hell bent on clearing his name. Christian has too much to worry about without taking on my problems as well. And then there’s Lily to consider.

Bron: I know what a rake Christian used to be. I’m pretty sure he’ll try to seduce you.

Sarah: He already has. He was too tempting. We’ve come to an arrangement. I’ve agreed to be his lover, only for the duration of the voyage home. I can’t be Lily’s nanny and his mistress once we are back in England, and it’s safer for me to remain in his employ living down in the wilds of Dorset. I so want to be a part of his life, even if it’s only for a few weeks.

Bron: You never know. He might offer you marriage. That would protect you.

Sarah: (shakes head vigorously) Absolutely not. There is no way that can happen. An earl marrying the governess!

Bron: So, when are you off on your voyage home?

Sarah: We leave tomorrow. The sooner the better as far as I’m concerned. I don’t think anyone’s followed me from Virginia but I can’t be sure.

Bron: I wish you a safe trip and I hope whatever is in your past, is put to rest and once Christian’s had the false crime against him cleared up, then perhaps you two could get together.

Sarah: (Sad smile) From where I sit, that’s a hopeless dream but you’re so kind.

Bron: I’d prefer to say hopeful dream. Good luck!

Thanks for joining me on the settee today, Sarah. Feel free to ask Sarah a question and she’ll do her best to answer…

kissTitle: A Kiss of Lies by Bronwen Evans
Publisher: Loveswept
Genre: Historical, Romance
Length: 309 pages


In Bronwen Evans’s Loveswept debut, a pair of damaged souls ignite each other’s deepest passions—even as they tempt fate by deceiving the world.

Desperate to escape her abusive past, Sarah Cooper disguises herself as a governess in the employ of Christian Trent, Earl of Markham, the man who, long ago, she fantasized about marrying. Despite the battle scars that mar his face, Sarah finds being near Christian rekindles her infatuation. A governess, however, has no business in the arms of an earl, and as she accompanies Christian on his voyage home, Sarah must resist her intense desires—or risk revealing her dangerous secrets.

One of the renowned Libertine Scholars, Christian Trent once enjoyed the company of any woman he chose. But that was before the horrors of Waterloo, his wrongful conviction of a hideous crime, and his forcible removal from England. Far from home and the resources he once had, Christian believes the life he knew—and any chance of happiness—is over . . . until his ward’s governess sparks his heart back to life, and makes him remember the man he used to be. Now Christian is determined to return to England, regain his honor, and win the heart of the woman he has come to love.

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Author Bio

evansBronwen Evans grew up loving books. She has always indulged her love of storytelling and is constantly gobbling up movies, books, and theater. Is it any wonder she’s a proud romance writer? Evans is a two-time winner of the RomCon Readers’ Crown and has been nominated for an RT Reviewers’ Choice Award. She lives in Wellington, New Zealand.

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