Friday Feature: Becky McGraw’s Just Shoot Me Cover Reveal & Excerpt


Just Shoot Me by Becky McGraw
Cowboy Series #1
Release Date: February 14. 2014


Tina Montgomery needs to find her Texas Tomcat. Her promotion and livelihood depend on it. That promotion could mean a new life for her, her sister and her niece. It’s a big risk however, because if she fails in her bid to head up a new menswear line at her company, she could lose everything. That’s why finding the perfect model to represent the line has become her sole focus.

At the point of thinking she would …never find that man, one with both experience and attitude that shows in his face and eyes, she meets Dean Dixon. His gorgeous eyes tell a story she definitely wants to hear and the man has more attitude than any she’s ever met. Physically he’s perfect for the job. But that attitude she thought she wanted in her cowboy quickly becomes her biggest downfall when she tries to convince the sexy, but hard-hearted rancher to help her.

Dean Dixon is done with women. His cheating ex-wife has shown him just how untrustworthy women are. He has a ranch to run, and a son who might not be his to raise alone. That’s more than enough for any man to handle without dealing with his sister-in-law’s friend who is determined to convince him to model for her company.

He has seen what that industry has done to his brother. Dean is a rancher, not a model, and he isn’t about to abandon his family or fall into the same trap his brother had. He stands his ground, until his sister-in-law tells him why Tina needs the promotion she’s wanting so badly, and asks for his help. Hope had bailed him and his family out when they needed her the year prior. How could he refuse to help her now?


Cupping her hands around her mouth, Tina shouted, “Hello!”

The only reply she received were agitated snorts from the horses. She scanned along the walls from stall to stall hoping to see one open, but they were all closed tight. Noticing a light at the back of the building, she headed that way. The barn was so big, yelling probably wasn’t going to do anything except stir up the horses more, so she just held onto the rail and made her way toward the back.

At the end a narrow hallway, she saw a door that was opened a crack. Light poured out, so she assumed someone must be in there. At the door, she stopped, took a deep breath then pasted on a smile, before she pushed the door inward. Her smile turned to a surprised gasp when her eyes landed on a cowboy in tight white underwear sitting beside a scarred wooden desk with his jeans around his ankles.

His stormy blue eyes swung to hers, but he didn’t make a move to pull up his pants. His body tensed, but his long fingers continued to massage his thigh right above his knee. One dark eyebrow lifted beneath the brim of his black cowboy hat. “Who the hell are you?” he demanded and his deep, honeyed drawl crawled along her nerve endings exciting each one.

The man looked somewhat like Cord Dixon, but he definitely wasn’t. His face was squarer, his jaw firmer, than Mr. Laramie. His eyes were darker blue, almost like the sky when warning a summer thunderstorm was about to erupt. They perfectly matched his prickly attitude.

Those sexy, insolent eyes left fire behind as they made a quick pass down to her toes, before moving a little slower back up her body to meet her eyes again. He sat there staring at her when she didn’t answer.

Tina gathered her senses, licked her lips and found her voice. “Um, I thought Cord would be out here,” she stuttered.

His eyes narrowed and his jaw tightened. “If you’re here to pick up something with my brother, you’re wasting your time. He’s married now, and his wife is knocked up. Best thing you can do is get your pretty little ass out of here, before Hope sees you.”

“I’m here to see Hope too,” Tina clarified. When he flinched, her eyes fell to the hand on his thigh, and she saw a dark purple bruise beneath his fingers. Against her will, her eyes darted to the impressive goods those tight white underwear of his was trying to contain.

He cleared his throat, her eyes flew back to his and her cheeks heated. One side of his firm mouth kicked up into a cocky smile. “See something you like, sweetheart?”

Tina saw a lot she liked, and that was the problem. She had to fight to keep her eyes from going back there for a second look. “Um, did you hurt yourself?” Tina asked trying to cover the fact that she had been staring at his package. It was obvious from his widening grin that she hadn’t fooled anyone.

He snorted and grabbed a rolled up Ace bandage off of the desk. “It’s nothing,” he grumbled as he wrapped it around his thigh. “Damned horse kicked me.”

“It looks pretty bad,” Tina said moving in for a closer look.

He stopped wrapping and his eyes flew up to hers again. There was a warning in his eyes and Tina stopped in her tracks. “What the hell do you want here?” he demanded.

“I’m here for a photo shoot. I’m Tina Montgomery with Texas Tomboy. Hope said I could do a photo shoot here today.”
Blue fire sparked in his eyes. “Well, Hope failed to ask if that was okay with me.”

The arrogance in his tone made Tina angry. As far as she knew, this was Hope’s home now too. If she wanted to invite a friend here, who was this guy to say she had to ask his permission? Tina folded her arms over her chest, and snapped, “She lives here. Is married to one of the owners. Why would she have to ask you if she could have someone out here?”

“One of the owners?” he said in a low lethal tone, as he clipped off the top of the bandage and leaned back in the chair to cross his arms over his broad chest.

“Yes, Cord Dixon, her husband, is one of the owner’s sons.”

“Well I’m Dean Dixon, the owner’s other son. The one who has been busting his ass here, taking care of this family, while my brother chased skirts like you all over Dallas. And unlike my brother, my name happens to be on the deed to this ranch.”

Dean Dixon. Cord’s brother. Hell she didn’t even know he had a brother, but then again she didn’t know much about Cord Dixon other than he was Mr. Laramie and looked better than any man she’d ever seen in a pair of jeans. Her eyes dropped to the jeans around Dean’s ankles and noticed they were Laramie jeans. She wondered how his muscular thighs would look in those jeans. Probably better than his brother’s. Tina dragged her eyes away. “You think you could put your pants on so we can finish this conversation?”

“It’s finished as far as I’m concerned,” he said as he stood and bent to drag his jeans up his muscular legs. His zipped them angrily, then shoved his belt through the loops. “You can get back in your car and get the hell out of here. I don’t have time to deal with this shit. The only thing my brother and I are going to be doing today is getting these horses ready, so we can get them to the auction on Monday.”

“I won’t get in your way, and I’m not here to shoot with Cord. I have models coming,” Tina informed him.

Dean finished buckling his belt, then put his hands on his hips. “I don’t think so. Call them and tell them to stay in Dallas, and then head back there yourself. This ranch is not a photo studio.”

He limped past her to the door, and shoved it open, causing it to bounce off the wall. He put a hand on the wall and made his way down the hallway to the arena. Tina strode behind him, but even injured the man’s long-legged stride was hard for her to keep up with in heels.

“But Hope said—“ Tina started. She made a step into the arena, her heel caught on the edge of the concrete pad and her ankle twisted painfully. With a yelp, she felt herself flying forward and threw her hands out to catch herself. Her palms hit Dean Dixon in the middle of his back and he went flying too. They landed in a heap on the dusty floor with her on top of him. Dean immediately rolled to his back, and Tina scrambled up to straddle him. Before she could stand, his hands gripped her hips in a steel hold.

“The best thing you can do is leave,” he ground out angrily. “There won’t be anything shot here today except you, if you don’t get the hell off my ranch.”

Author Bio

Becky McGraw is a married mother of three adult children, and a Southern girl by birth and the grace of God, ya’ll. She resides in South Texas with her husband and dog Abby.

A jack of many trades in her life, Becky has been an optician, a beautician, a legal secretary, a senior project manager for an aviation management consulting firm, which took her all over the United States, a real estate broker, and now a graphic artist, web designer and writer. She knows just enough about a variety of topics to make her dangerous, and her romance novels interesting and varied. Being a graphic artist is a good thing for her too, because she creates her own cover art, along with writing the novels.

Becky has been an avid reader of romance novels since she was a teenager, and has been known to read up to four novels of that genre a week, much to the dismay of her husband, and the delight of e-book sellers.

She has been writing fictional short stories and novels for fun, as well as technical copy for her jobs for many years. She was a member of the Writer’s Guild on AOL, as well as a founding member and treasurer of the first online chapter of the Romance Writers of America, From the Heart Romance Writers. Currently, she is a PAN member of RWA and a general member of FTHRW.

You can find Amazon Bestselling Author Becky McGraw at, , or

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