Review: Liberty by Ginger Jamison

libertyTitle: Liberty by Ginger Jamison
A Redemption Novel (Book One)
Publisher: Harlequin
Imprint: Kimani Press
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Length: 304 pages
Book Rating: C

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A man she thought she knew. A passion beyond her wildest fantasies…

When Ryan Beecher returns home after a long deployment overseas, Lexy barely recognizes her husband. The man who left Texas for Afghanistan was cruel and abusive. The man who comes back to her is a badly injured stranger with amnesia—and no memory of their life together.

Lexy can’t believe how much Ryan has changed. The wounded marine is now gentle, caring and tender. And his touch awakens yearnings she’s never felt before. As he takes them both to the point of no return, can Lexy trust this lover who seems to live only for her pleasure…as he seeks his salvation in her healing embrace?

A poignant and erotic story of longing, secrets and second chances, Liberty explores the limits of desire and the boundaries of love.

The Review:

In Liberty, the first novel in Ginger Jamison’s Redemption series, Lexy Beecher barely recognizes her abusive husband, Ryan, when he returns home after he is injured in Afghanistan. While he (mostly) looks like the same man who left, he certainly does not act like the same man she feared for most of her marriage. Which makes her wonder, is he the same man?

One of only two men who survived an attack in Afghanistan, Ryan Beecher returns to the small town of Liberty with very few memories. He has absolutely no memory of his wife, Lexy, and in fact, everything he learns about his ten year marriage seems like it happened to a different person. Ryan may not recognize anyone or anything, but one thing is for certain. Lexy is his lifeline in the midst of turmoil and he will do everything in his power to convince her he is not the abusive man he once was.

Lexy has endured a lot over the course of her marriage but she has been carefully planning her escape from her abusive husband. She just has not been able to save up enough to leave when Ryan is injured. Although her love for Ryan ended long ago, she still rushes to his bedside and aids him during his recovery. There are a few alterations to his physical appearance, but she chalks them up to Ryan getting in shape for the Marine and his subsequent injuries. Of course, he is also much kinder and gentler but again, she easily excuses his differences to his time in the military and his injuries. What Lexy finds most troubling is her unexpected (and unwanted) sexual attraction for Ryan. How can she possibly be attracted to the man who physically and emotionally abused her for so many years?

The new Ryan is an absolute delight and I could easily see why Lexy is so drawn to him. He is patient, kind, considerate and loving-in other words, the complete opposite of the man he used to be. He is stunned and horrified by not only the things he is told he did to Lexy, but by his friends and their appalling treatment of her. Ryan has no connection to his past career or loves and the longer he is in Liberty, the more sure he is that a horrible mistake has been made.

I really wanted to love Liberty-the ingredients are there for an incredible story, but I just had a difficult time connecting to Lexy. I felt sorry for the horror she experienced at the hands of her husband, but I just could not believe that she did not leave during the two years he was gone. The reason behind her staying is compelling, but her life is literally on the line and I could not comprehend her not moving away at some point during his absence. But what I had the hardest thing believing is she would willingly go to Ryan during his hospital stay and then bring him back into her home. The abuse storyline is just too realistic to convince me that Lexy would want anything to do with Ryan after everything he did to her over the years.

There were things I liked about Liberty. I adored the new Ryan and how he patiently waited for Lexy to overcome her fears. Their sex scenes are a beautiful mix of sweet and sexy and I loved watching Lexy experience the romantic side of lovemaking. Seeing Lexy finally put the horrors of her past behind her is also incredibly gratifying.

All in all, a lovely beginning to Ginger Jamison’s Redemption series.

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