Review: Where Evil Waits by Kate Brady

waitsTitle: Where Evil Waits by Kate Brady
Mann Family Series Book Two
Publisher: Forever
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Mystery/Suspense
Length: 432 pages
Book Rating: B

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Special prosecutor Kara Chandler is very good at her job, so good that a homicidal mastermind vows to kill her and everyone she cares about. Desperate to save herself and her son, Kara seeks out cartel hit man Luke Varón. The last time she dealt with Luke, she saw him beat the system and escape prison. But now, the most dangerous man she’s ever met is the only one who can keep her alive.

Luke Varón isn’t who he appears to be. After spending years in the criminal underworld, he seeks redemption . . . and revenge. Yet when he sees the fear in Kara’s eyes, he can’t walk away. People around her are being murdered, and only he can help uncover the killer’s motive. Now as danger closes in, Kara and Luke must trust each other with their darkest secrets – before the evil in their lives destroys them both.

The Review:

Where Evil Waits, Kate Brady’s second installment in the Mann Family series, is a suspense-laden and perplexing mystery. While there is a romantic element to the storyline, the mystery aspect is the main focus of the novel.

In the year since her husband Andrew died after being struck by a drunk driver, Kara Chandler has reason to believe his death was no accident. After receiving the latest in a series of mysterious cards and gifts, Kara begins investigating his death but when it ends in tragedy, she reaches out cartel hit man Luke Varón. Luke reluctantly helps Kara and her son Adrian fake their deaths and assume new identities so they can uncover the truth about Andrew’s death.

Kara and Luke are an unlikely crime fighting duo but unable to pursue her suspicions through legal channels, Kara has little choice but to put her trust in Luke. Kara is strong and independent but she also knows when she is out of her depth. When it becomes obvious that no one around her is safe, Kara does what she has to do to uncover the truth even if it means trusting a criminal. She is surprised by her attraction to him and even more confusing are some of the contradictions she begins to see in Luke’s behavior.

There is much more to Luke than meets the eye and the truth about his character is revealed in bits and pieces throughout the story. He has a surprising connection to Andrew but it takes a while for the various pieces of that part of the puzzle to come together. Overall, Luke is an intriguing man whose life is ripe for change but it takes him a while to shift his focus from his career to his personal life.

The identity of Kara’s stalker is disclosed to readers very early in the story. What remains to be uncovered is the motive for the sinister actions of the intelligent yet deranged stalker. The reason behind the diabolical plan is slowly revealed through flashbacks and the complete revelation of the event that sparked the thirst for revenge culminates in Where Evil Waits stunning finale.

Where Evil Waits is an action packed and suspenseful novel that mystery lovers are going to love. Although it is the second novel in Kate Brady’s Mann Family series, it can be read as a standalone.

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