Review: Delightful by Adrianne Lee

delightfulTitle: Delightful by Adrianne Lee
Big Sky Pie Series Book Three
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Imprint: Forever Yours
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Length: 240 pages/55,000 words
Book Rating: B

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Ice Erickksen has “one-night stand” written all over him. Once he’s finished shooting the Big Sky Pie reality show, this hot-as-hell TV producer is going to hightail it out of Montana and return to his glamorous life in L.A. But Ice gets into hot water when one of the goodies in the pie shop-a delightful blonde with marriage on her mind-burns up the camera lens.

Andrea Lovette, the manager of the shop, always picks the bad boys. But after her divorce, she’s determined to find the good family man that her two young sons deserve. Although Andrea’s body sizzles whenever Ice is near, she knows in her heart that he’s not marriage material. Then why does the bad boy still seem like such a good idea?

(55,000 words)

The Review:

Delightful is another fabulous romance in Adrianne Lee’s heartwarming Big Sky Pie series. In this latest installment, manager Andrea Lovette is paired up with Hollywood bad boy Ice Erickksen and the single mom finds it virtually impossible to resist the deliciously sexy charmer.

Andrea’s bad boy radar is pinging off the charts when Ice struts into Big Sky Pie but she has sworn off bad boys after her disastrous marriage to bull rider Donnie Lovette. About the only good thing that came out of her marriage are her two young sons and she is looking for a man who could be a good influence on her boys. Ice has trouble written all over him but their blistering hot attraction is impossible to ignore. Andrea knows that giving in to their desire is a mistake, but once they do, she is determined to keep her distance from Ice.

First impressions of Ice? Arrogant, womanizing, disrespectful jerk. Harsh, I know, but I absolutely hated how he thought about Andrea at first, and I thought she deserved soooo much better than Ice. But after their scrumptiously delicious one night stand? Ice begins to thaw into a wonderfully warm and caring man with an amazing array of strong emotions. But (isn’t there always a “but”?) he has some serious issues from his childhood to work through before he can even think about a future with Andrea.

The reality show is mainly used to bring Ice and Andrea together, but it also beautifully showcases the supporting cast of characters. Pie shop owner Molly McCoy really shines in this outing and she is just such a lovely person I am glad we got to see more of her. I was absolutely delighted that Wade Reynolds had a more prominent role in the story and I am still holding out hope he might find love in future novel (Callee’s friend Roxy springs to mind as his future love interest). We also get the opportunity catch up with the couples from the first two novels in the series and it is great to see they are still deliriously happy.

A charming addition to the Big Sky Pie series, Delightful is a fun and sexy romance. Adrianne Lee keeps the series fresh with unique storylines and unpredictable pairings. The characters are well-developed and appealing with realistic flaws and imperfections. My fingers are crossed that we will get another chance to visit the Big Sky Pie shop in the future.

Delightful can be read as a standalone, but I highly recommend the entire series (read my reviews HERE).

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