Review: No River Too Wide by Emilie Richards

too wideTitle: No River Too Wide by Emilie Richards
Goddesses Anonymous Series Book Three
Publisher: Harlequin
Imprint: Harlequin MIRA
Genre: Contemporary, Fiction, Romance
Length: 496 pages
Book Rating: B

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Some betrayals are like rivers, so deep, so wide, they can’t be crossed. But—for those with enough courage—forgiveness, redemption and love may be found on the other side.

On the night her home is consumed by fire, Janine Stoddard finally resolves to leave her abusive husband. While she is reluctant to involve her estranged daughter, she can’t resist a chance to see Harmony and baby Lottie in Asheville, North Carolina, before she disappears forever.

Harmony’s friend Taylor Martin realizes how much the reunited mother and daughter yearn to stay together, and she sees in Jan a chance to continue her own mother’s legacy of helping women in need of a fresh start. She opens her home, even as she’s opening her heart to another newcomer, Adam Pryor. But enigmatic Adam has a secret that could destroy Taylor’s trust…and cost Jan her hard-won freedom.

The Review:

No River Too Wide, the newest addition to Emilie Richards’ heartwarming Goddesses Anonymous series, is another beautiful novel about family, friendship and healing. In this outing, Harmony Stoddard’s mother, Jan, finally escapes her abusive marriage and, with the loving support of Harmony and fellow Goddess Taylor Martin, begins a new life in North Carolina.

Escaping her abusive husband is just the first stop in Jan’s journey and afraid of endangering Harmony and her daughter Lottie, she is planning on just a quick visit with them. Not wanting to lose touch with her mom again, Harmony persuades Jan to live with Taylor and help out with Taylor’s pre-teen Maddie. Jan uneasily settles in with Taylor and although she is overwhelmed with her newfound freedom, she slowly begins to regain her self-confidence.

Insight into Jan’s marriage is provided through a series of tapes where Jan reveals the slow and insidious progression of abuse by her husband Rex. She recounts the chilling events that left her hopelessly trapped in her marriage and fearful for her children’s lives.  These heartbreaking accounts are a realistic depiction of why it is so difficult leave an abusive relationship and it also demonstrates some of the warning signs that a relationship is in danger of becoming abusive.

As Jan is picking of the pieces of her life, so are Taylor and Harmony. Both are entering into new territory when they begin dating again. Taylor has been wrapped up in taking care of Maddie and getting her new business up and running while Harmony has been busy with baby Lottie. Taylor is surprised by her unexpected attraction to newcomer Adam and despite her reservations, they are soon dating. Harmony is also in the throes of a new romance with a very nice man, but their relationship lacks passion.

There is also a bit of a mystery element to No River Too Wide that centers around Rex and his insurance business. It soon becomes obvious that Adam is somehow involved with this investigation, but the exact nature of his role remains unclear for much of the novel. When Taylor discovers the truth about why he is in town, her issues with trust issues and forgiveness jeopardize their relationship.

No River Too Wide is an emotional and thought-provoking story of overcoming years of emotional and physical abusive. Emilie Richards has once again written a compelling story of love and forgiveness that old and new fans of Goddesses Anonymous series do not want to miss.

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