Interview & Spotlight: Blood in the Water by Tami Veldura

Please welcome Tami Veldura to Book Reviews and More by Kathy. Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us today!

Kathy: Do you have a favorite book or author you like to recommend? Do you have a comfort read?

I’m dipping my toes into Supernatural fanfiction right now. Tumblr author deanswingsbothways (they’re direct on tumblr) has been writing the Winchester Gospels from Profit Kevin Tran’s pov and they’re awesome. Full of snark.

I don’t have a specific book I go back to, but I love a good hurt/comfort story and I will wallow in a long one- published or fanfiction- if I can find one.

Kathy: What is your guilty pleasure?

I don’t think any of my pleasures are guilty! But I really enjoy dubious consent and emotional power exchange stories. A pretty specific trope, that has some significant writers producing really nice work.

Kathy: Favorite meal?

Whatever is going to correct my temperature. I have a nerve condition that makes regulating my body temperature difficult, so if I’m cold, the best thing in the world is a cup of hot tea in my hands or a bowl of tomato soup and a grilled cheese.

Kathy: If you weren’t a writer, what would you be?

An artist. I’m a creative, so any maker outlet will work. Painting, drawing, digital, crafting- any kind of creative production.

Kathy: If you could time travel, what time period would you visit?

The future! I want to see what we look like in 100 years. The rate of technology improving is an exponential increase. More will change in the next 50 years than has changed in the last 2000. I want to see it.

blood waterTitle: Blood in the Water by Tami Veldura
An Act of Piracy Series Book One
Publisher: Oldewolff Alternascents; 1st edition
Genre: Historical, Paranormal, Age of Sail, M/M
Word Count: 27,000


Kyros Vindex, treasure-hunter, has a problem. He’s carrying a torch for a fellow pirate with the sexual awareness of a teaspoon. Rumors say the man has killed hundreds. He’s determined to knock some sense into the work-a-holic that captains the Midnight Sun, but damned if he knows how.

Eric Deumont has more pressing concerns than the treasure-obsessed Kyros. There’s a creature inked into his chest that no witch in the seas will lay hands on for all the gold in the world. He knows it gives the Midnight Sun a cursed reputation and that doesn’t make living any easier. He has heard stories of spirits trapped for lifetimes inside spelled puzzle jars. Eric tracked down three of the pieces for such a jar with a lead number four. The fifth is still out there.

Even then, the spirit of vengeance that lives in Eric’s skin has no intention of giving up such easy access to the mortal realm. It craves blood and the light of the moon allows it to wreak unchecked havoc. Cursed is an insult. This is madness.

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