Review: Truly Madly Montana by Fiona Lowe

Truly_Madly_Montana.inddTitle: Truly Madly Montana by Fiona Lowe
Medicine River Series Book Two
Publisher: Berkley
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Length: 326 pages
Book Rating: B

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Summer in Montana brings heat with a chance of romance in the new Medicine River Romance from the award-winning author of Montana Actually

Sexy and charming Australian doctor Will Bartlett will do anything to help out a friend, even if it means moving to Bear Paw for the summer. Some small-town hospitality, and the uncomplicated friendship of his co-worker, Millie, is just the ticket to shake off the restlessness that’s been gripping him lately.

Millie Switkowski, RN and medical student, is home for her clinical rotation, and she’s determined to make this summer so much better than last. She’s got a year of medical school under her belt, her diabetes is under control and she’s kicked her crazy crush for Will Bartlett, who only ever treated her as “one of the guys.”

But when Will turns out to be Millie’s supervising physician, without warning the summer gets a whole lot hotter than either of them anticipated. With both of them holding onto thorny secrets, can they walk away with their hearts intact?


Truly Madly Montana is an absolutely charming addition to Fiona Lowe’s Medicine River series.   This second stop in Bear Paw, MT is another humorous and poignant novel than fans of small town romances are sure to love.

Millie Switkowski is realizing her dream of becoming a doctor and while on summer break from school, she returns home to work in the local clinic as part of her clinical rotation. She is delighted to be chosen to work on the trauma team but she is quickly dismayed to learn her supervising physician is Dr. Will Bartlett. Will is a visiting doctor from Australia and although he is a phenomenal doctor, he is also Millie’s secret crush. After making a pretty long jump to a very wrong conclusion (which Millie does not bother to correct), Will cultivates a friendship with Millie but when he discovers the truth about her, they give in to their mutual desire. But as summer draws to a close, will their temporary relationship become permanent?

It took a lot of years and a few bad decisions, but Millie has finally come to terms with all of the changes that her diabetes diagnosis has made on her life. She has a good head on her shoulders and she makes informed decisions when it comes to her health. She does not let the chronic illness stop her from enjoying life and she manages her care so that it does not affect her professional life. Millie is an caring, compassionate health care provider and she is calm in even the most stressful situations.

Will is laidback, easygoing and seemingly without a care in the world. He is an avid outdoorsman and a bit of an adventure seeker. But beneath his carefree exterior, he is hiding a deep seated grief that haunts him and now that he is burned out on casual flings, he is rather lonely. A summer in Bear Paw seems like the perfect antidote to his loneliness and he strikes up an unlikely friendship with Millie.

Once Will learns his assumption about Millie could not be further from the truth, their friendship takes a romantic turn. Neither of them labels their new relationship but they enjoy each other’s company both in and out of bed. The only negative aspect to their status change is Millie’s dissatisfaction with Will’s reluctance to continue their outdoor adventures. Will easily charms her out of her discontent, but it is only a matter of time before his fears about her safety come between them.

Truly Madly Montana is a sweet but spicy romance that old and new fans to the Medicine River series are sure to enjoy. All of characters are beautifully developed and easy to relate with realistic flaws and fears to overcome. The diabetes element of the storyline not only adds depth to the storyline but it also educates readers about living with a chronic illness. As with the first novel in the series, Fiona Lowe weaves a secondary love story into the plot that is just as captivating as the primary romance between Will and Millie. Well written and quite riveting, this delightful novel will appeal to anyone who loves contemporary romances set in close-knit communities.

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