Review: Girls Who Travel by Nicole Trilivas

girls whoTitle: Girls Who Travel by Nicole Trilivas
Publisher: Berkley
Genre: Contemporary, New Adult, Women’s Fiction
Length: 336 pages
Book Rating: B

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A hilarious, deftly written debut novel about a woman whose wanderlust is about to show her that sometimes you don’t have to travel very far to become the person you want to be…

There are many reasons women shouldn’t travel alone. But as foul-mouthed, sweet-toothed Kika Shores knows, there are many more reasons why they should. After all, most women want a lot more out of life than just having fun. Kika, for one, wants to experience the world.

But ever since she returned from her yearlong backpacking tour, she’s been steeped in misery, battling rush hour with all the other suits. Getting back on the road is all she wants. So when she’s offered a nanny job in London – the land of Cadbury Cream Eggs – she’s happy at the prospect of going back overseas and getting paid for it. But as she’s about to discover, the most exhilarating adventures can happen when you stay in one place…

Wise, witty, and hilarious, Girls Who Travel is an unforgettable novel about the highs and lows of getting what you want—and how it’s the things you least expect that can change your life.


In Girls Who Travel by Nicole Trilivas, heroine Kika Shores’ most important journey is one of self-discovery. This fast-paced and engaging novel has a cast of adorable characters and a surprisingly thought-provoking storyline and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a light-hearted read.

Now her yearlong globetrotting adventure is over, Kika is working a dull office job that leaves her pining for her ex-lover Lochlon O’Mahone and the freedom to travel. Not exactly the most reliable or engaged employee, it is no surprise that Kika finds herself unemployed due to her lackluster performance. But as luck would have it, she is quickly hired as an au pair for a wealthy American family living in London. Surprisingly, Kika turns over a new leaf as she begins to look more to the future than her past, but will a reunion with Lochlon force her to rethink her plans?

Kika is a sassy, smart and colorful heroine that is a bit immature at first, but slowly but surely comes into her own after moving to London. She is fun-loving but she takes her duties as an au pair seriously and the two young girls in charge begin to thrive under her tender loving care. No one is more shocked than Kika when, instead of taking short European holidays during her weekends off, she begins to save money and create a serious business plan for her on line shop.

While still looking forward to reconnecting with Lochlon, Kika is confused by her unexpected attraction to next door neighbor Aston Hyde Bettencourt. Their first meeting was quite inauspicious and their subsequent encounters are full of misunderstandings. Therefore, Kika is quite stunned when Aston rescues her from a potentially damaging meeting with someone from her past. Afterward, Kika finally clears the air with Aston and they form an unlikely friendship that has strong undercurrents of mutual attraction. However, her rendezvous with Lochlon is imminent so she keeps her relationship with Aston firmly in the friend zone. Kika’s reunion with Lochlon becomes a turning point but a series of unexpected events becomes another obstacle for her to overcome.

Girls Who Travel by Nicole Trilivas is an entertaining novel that has a surprising amount of depth. Kika is a wonderful protagonist and watching her grow and mature is immensely gratifying. The storyline is quite refreshing with several unpredictable twists and turns. An all around delightful read that fans of contemporary women’s fiction are sure to enjoy.


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