Review: Just What I Needed by Lorelei James

Title: Just What I Needed by Lorelei James
Need You Series Book Two
Publisher: Signet
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Length: 367 pages
Book Rating: B+

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The second sexy novel in the Need You series, from the New York Times bestselling author of the Mastered Series and the Blacktop Cowboys® Series.

Trinity Carlson might be having the worst day ever. And that was before she started drinking in a dive bar, right across from her ex and his new girlfriend. So when she finally decides enough is enough, she grabs hold of a hot, blond stranger and gives him the kiss of his life.

Walker Lund never expected that a chance at love would hit him right on the mouth. Since the moment his brother decided to settle down, Walker has been dodging his family’s hopes that he’ll do the same.  He’s never been interested in following in anyone’s footsteps. But when he discovers his sexy assailant has given him a fake name and number he suddenly finds himself in the mood for a little hot pursuit…


The second installment in Lorelei James’ endearing Need You series, Just What I Needed, is a sweet, steamy and humor-filled romance.

Trinity Carlson and Walker Lund’s initial meeting is quite memorable and their relationship seems meant to be when they finally connect with each other again.  Right from the beginning, there is a powerful attraction between them but what really makes their relationship work is the fact that they just get one another.  Both have an off-beat, quirky sense of humor but more importantly, they naturally fit in each other’s lives.  Although they truly enjoy spending time together, Trinity and Walker understand that sometimes work comes first so when they are together, they savor one another’s company. While their romance is mostly trouble free, Trinity and Walker each have a few secrets they yet to reveal to one another.  However, Trinity’s unhealthy way of dealing with problems is what eventually threatens to derail their relationship.

Trinity is a truly gifted artist with a few deep-seated insecurities that undermine her confidence.   With few close friendships, she has a tendency to overlook negative influences and she allow her friends’ toxic behavior to continue unchecked.  It takes her a while to find her backbone, but Trinity is definitely a force to be reckoned with once she takes charge of her life.  She is very self-aware and she warns Walker upfront that she can be a little difficult to deal with and she is quick to point out her neuroses.  Despite her idiosyncrasies,  Trinity is a wonderfully charming, loyal  woman with a fantastic sense of humor and an interesting personality.

Walker views himself as the black sheep of his family since he has no interest in joining the family business.  He is happy with the niche he has carved out for himself and while he is extremely close to his family, he is sometimes a little lost in the midst of his über successful and high achieving siblings and cousins.  Walker’s family certainly loves him but lately they find it easy to overlook him until they need his help with something. Despite his long string of failed relationships, Walker never loses hope he will find the right woman to share his life with.

Trinity and Walker’s relationship is such a delight to watch unfold.  The banter between them is laugh out loud funny and they completely complement one another.  Well-planned outings and sweet, thoughtful gestures provide the perfect backdrop for burgeoning romance.  A delicious anticipation builds as they get to know each other before acting on their simmering attraction. While their relationship is mostly free from conflict, they are quick to resolve the issues that crop up in a realistic, forthright manner. Although Walker and Trinity fall in love rather quickly, their feelings  for one another ring true.

Just What I Needed is a fun, sexy addition to the Need You series. Although the storyline is mostly light-hearted, there are serious undertones that will resonate with readers. Old and new fans of Lorelei James do not want to miss this latest novel starring the close-knit and lovable Lund family.

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