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Writing Process

I wish I could say I write every day. I can’t say that. I can say that I write or noodle (think about my work) everyday and most days, I also get some writing done. I usually write longhand in cheap notebooks and fun journals. My wife and kids will tell you I have lots and lots of journals and notebooks. I love school supply sales.

In terms of content, often, I hear a line in my head about the next story or novel I am writing. It’s usually dialog, but it may not be from the main character. It may be the narrator’s voice or a minor character. I need to write this down right away or I may not remember it again. I write fast and messy in order to get the ideas down as quickly as possible so that I don’t lose them.

I can write anywhere—at home, work, on buses. I loved assignments in my MFA program at Hamline University and I give myself assignments when I am writing a novel. When I am stuck, I journal. Being stuck for me usually means I have an authorial decision to make and I’m not sure what to do. So, I write about it. I interview myself about what I want to say and where I want to go in the scene. If that doesn’t work immediately—it often does, I may get the direction over the next couple days, in my sleep, or while doing something other than writing. I write lots of pages of crappy stuff trying to get to something that I want to take further now or later. I usually have several novels in process at once and am reading several books. That’s how the creative process works for me.

Title: Bend by Nancy J. Hedin
Publisher: Riptide Publishing
Imprint: Anglerfish Press
Genre: Contemporary, Lesbian, Young Adult, Romance
Length: 242 pages/Word Count: 61,700

Lorraine Tyler is the only queer person in Bend, Minnesota. Or at least that’s what it feels like when the local church preaches so sternly against homosexuality. Which is why she’s fighting so hard to win the McGerber scholarship—her ticket out of Bend—even though her biggest competition is her twin sister, Becky. And even though she’s got no real hope—not with the scholarship’s morality clause and that one time she kissed the preacher’s daughter.

Everything changes when a new girl comes to town. Charity is mysterious, passionate, and—to Lorraine’s delighted surprise—queer too. Now Lorraine may have a chance at freedom and real love.

But then Becky disappears, and Lorraine uncovers an old, painful secret that could tear the family apart. They need each other more than ever now, and somehow it’s Lorraine—the sinner, the black sheep—who holds the power to bring them together. But only if she herself can learn to bend.

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Author Bio

I grew up in a small town in central Minnesota. That small town sensibility informs my writing and gives me interesting voices in my head and I strive to choose which voice to bring to the page.

I live in St. Paul with my partner, two daughters, one dog, one beared dragon, and two cats.

I have worked as a mental health crisis worker for over twenty years.

I love reading and getting my books signed by the author. I daydream about my own stories in book form and having others read them.

Author Links: Website * Twitter * Goodreads


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22 Responses to Tour Stop & Giveaway: Bend by Nancy J. Hedin

  1. It’s interesting to learn author’s writing process. I guess everyone has different method. Thank you for sharing, Nancy. And congratulations on your newest book release.
    puspitorinid AT yahoo DOT com

  2. susana

    Thank you for the hint at your writing process, Nancy, and congratulations on the new release. It sounds really good

  3. Katherine

    I finished the book and enjoyed it. I will have to read it again, looking for a writing exercise Nancy was doing for the chapter or scene.

    • Thanks, Katherine! Help me better understand your question. Are you asking for suggestions on writing exercise or an exercise I used for a specific scene? I’m sorry if I’m missing what you are asking and want to be of help. The Creative Process class I took when I was doing my MFA was one of the most influential classes I had because it made me think about my own process and formalize it more. Let me know how to help.

  4. Christina R

    Congratulations Nancy on your release of Bend

  5. Jen F

    I am impressed with your writing process and ability to have multiple books going at once. Thanks for the post.


    • Thanks, Jen. Do you have a writing process you can articulate? Having multiple books going at once is one way for me not to forget ideas I have. There are times that I have to tell myself which project to focus on for a period of time.

  6. Trix

    Very cool to learn about your process!


  7. Joanne B

    Do you ever give yourself a word count to write or do you just go with the flow and what comes comes?


    • I have never worked with a word count for first draft writing. Partly, that is because I usually start something long hand in a cheap notebook so I’m not always aware of word count. When I start putting pages into the computer I get an idea of how many words and pages I have. I write for as long as I have time and ideas and then I keep the notebook handy for my next opportunity. The pages are very messy.

  8. H.B.

    Thanks for sharing your writing process with us. I’m impressed by how put together you are and your ability to multitask.
    humhumbum AT yahoo DOT com

    • Thanks, H.B. Like so many people, multitasking is a fact of life. I work full time, have a wife and two children, house, yard, pets, and I’m a novelist! It isn’t always pretty!

  9. Lisa

    Thanks for sharing about your writing process.

  10. Timitra

    Thanks for sharing your process with us.

    taccb (underscore) 1981 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  11. Purple Reader

    Congrats and thanks for letting us in on your writing process. The book sounds great. It seems like you’re writing what you know, so I’m especially keen about travelling to this small town in Minnesota. And the cover is an impressive match. –
    TheWrote [at] aol [dot] com

    • Thanks, Purple Reader! There are many wonderful small towns in Minnesota. The cover is a great match. It was done by Natasha Snow. I am very thankful to Natasha and Riptide for giving me the opportunity to give input to the production. It’s beauty, however is all about Natasha and Riptide’s editors.