Tour Stop, Excerpt & Giveaway: Her Hometown Girl by Lorelie Brown

Title: Her Hometown Girl by Lorelie Brown
Belladonna Ink Series Book Three
Publisher: Riptide Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Lesbian, Erotic, Romance
Length: 245 pages/Word Count: 65,000


I had doubts before the Big Day—doesn’t everyone?—but I didn’t expect to find my fiancée banging the caterer’s assistant right before the ceremony. Especially because he’s a guy. And we’re lesbians. The proper sort of Southern Californian lesbians who invest in hedge funds and wear bedazzled wedding dresses and wouldn’t be caught dead in a Subaru.

But then I became a runaway bride, headed straight for Belladonna Ink to get the kind of tattoo I always wanted and my ex always called trashy. She didn’t approve of a lot of things I did. I think maybe she didn’t approve of who I am.

So I’m determined to be as much of myself as I can manage. Dating my tattoo artist? I’m in. Cai is smart, sexy, and mysterious. Exactly what I need for a rebound. She keeps herself guarded, but I understand—I’m holding on to secrets too. The kind of secrets that make a girl want to run home to Mom, even if home is Idaho. Maybe especially then. I just didn’t expect Cai to come with me.

I wonder what it would take to get her to stay forever.

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Excerpt (MATURE)

Okay, I’m going to give you the god’s honest truth. I’ve written nine blog posts for this tour. That’s a lot. It sure feels like a lot to me now, when it’s eight p.m. after I already did a full day at my bill-paying-job. I want to run away and go knit, and I’m all out of blog post ideas.

So guess what. You guys get a special, secret treat. A completely exclusive excerpt. And as if that’s not enough, it’s a clip of Cai and Tansy getting busy for the first time. The good stuff! So with no further ado:

The water pours over Cai’s hair, locking the strands into a thick hank. It hits her angle-sharp shoulders next and casts off into open space before the next rush of water curves lovingly over the tops of her arms. She turns her face up to the spray and lifts her hands to her hair.

She’s a Degas statue with one knee lifted and the near backwards curve of her other leg. The shadow of hair over her vagina makes her into even more of a mystery. My fingers scrabble for purchase on the wall, but there’s nothing but the barest gap. I touch rock instead of her flesh.

It’s killing me. I can’t look away from her, but she told me to wait, and I don’t think I was supposed to look away anyway. I don’t want to. I want her.

I open my mouth to speak, then bite down on the tip of my tongue because I can’t think of any words that are as perfect as she looks.

I wish I was an artist. A painter, a sculptor. Anything that could even try to capture her beauty.

A drop of glimmering water breaks free of the sheet across her shoulder and slides down its own path. I wonder how that works, what brief break of skin and hair and magic can release a single drop from the mass of the rest. I could chase that path with my tongue. I will if given a chance.

She takes her time looking through my small selection of toiletries. When she opens the cap of my conditioner and smells it, she looks back at me. “So this is why you smell like cotton candy.”

My cheeks steal heat from the throb between my thighs. “My body wash is really sweet too. Is that bad?”

“No.” It’s only one word, but I know just from the way she says it that it’s more than that. She loves the way I smell. “It makes me want to eat you up.”

My fingers are shaking. Some women would have a sophisticated response to that. I squeak, “Okay.”

She grins, then turns back to the spray. It’s strange to watch a new woman wash. She goes in a different order than I do, soaping up her body before washing her hair. In the steamy heat of the room, I can’t remember what Jody did, and I can’t bring myself to care in the least. This is about Cai. This is what I’m making with Cai.

It’s not long before she’s clean and smelling as sweet as I normally do. I grab a towel from the basket and hold it open. She steps into the curve of my attention, and I’m confused for a moment when she doesn’t take it for herself. She only watches me with a small smile curving her soft mouth.

I dry her off with tender pats over every inch of her. Her shoulders and back are easy. I circle her to get everything. She’s lean all over, and a small striation dives from the side of her waist toward the front of her stomach. I’m breathing in choppy bursts through my parted lips. I wonder if she can feel my air and the way she owns it all.

I fold to my knees to dry her toned calves. Even with the shaggy gray bathmat, the floor is hard and I still don’t care. When I take the towel up between her thighs, I can’t keep my shaking hidden. I think she likes it. Her eyes smolder.

Her hand comes to rest on my head. It’s the lightest weight of fingertips and a strand or two of my flyaway hair caught on her nails. My heart tumbles and lifts at the same time. I try to squeeze my thighs together against the delicious ache between them, but it’s not nearly enough.

“Would you lick my pussy here?”

About the Belladonna Ink Universe

Belladonna Ink is the hottest female-centric tattoo parlor in Southern California. It doesn’t matter if you’re cis, trans, het, gay, or spectrum, our host of female tattoo artists will give you beautiful ink, personally designed. We don’t believe in paint-by-number drawings—you’re worth more than that. Give us a chance and we’ll help you find the meaning in your personal scribbles, and turn your skin into our professional canvas.

Just one thing: it’s really weird, but all our friends and some of our artists keep falling in love. Maybe it’s something in the ink.

Check out Belladonna Ink!

Author Bio

After a seminomadic childhood throughout California, Lorelie Brown spent high school in Orange County before joining the US Army. After traveling the world from South Korea to Italy, she now lives north of Chicago. She writes her Pacific Blue series of hot surfers in order to channel some warmth.

Lorelie has three active sons, two yappy dogs, and a cat who cusses her out on a regular basis for not petting him enough.

In her immense free time (hah!) Lorelie cowrites award-winning contemporary erotic romance under the name Katie Porter. You can find out more about the Vegas Top Guns and Command Force Alpha series at or at @MsKatiePorter. You can also contact Lorelie on Twitter @LorelieBrown.

Author Links: Website * Facebook * Twitter * Goodreads


To celebrate the release of Her Hometown Girl, one lucky winner will receive a bottle of Macallan single malt whisky! Contest IS restricted to both US entries and to those over the age of 21. Leave a comment with your contact info to enter the contest. Entries close at midnight, Eastern time, on September 9, 2017. Thanks for following the tour, and don’t forget to leave your contact info!


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