Review: Every Dog Has His Day by Jenn McKinlay

Title: Every Dog Has His Day by Jenn McKinlay
Bluff Point Series Book Three
Publisher: Berkley
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Length: 336 pages
Book Rating: B

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A stray kitten and a rambunctious poodle bring together a small-town bachelor and a single mother in the latest romance set in Bluff Point, Maine.

Bluff Point brewery owner Zachary Caine wants nothing to do with commitment. His wild bachelor lifestyle suits him perfectly—until a foster kitten named Chaos makes him a reluctant hero. Now he’s BFFs with the kitten’s two little girls and finds himself falling for their gorgeous mother, who couldn’t think less of him.

Divorced mother Jessie Connelly wants nothing to do with men like Zach. He’s sexy and charismatic and bad news, just like her ex. But her girls adore him, and he’s doing a good job filling in for their deadbeat dad. Then a snowstorm brings out the best in both neighbors, who, it turns out, have more in common than their mutual attraction…

So when Jessie’s past threatens her and her girls, Zach is determined to do whatever it takes to protect them—and live happily ever after with this family he has made his own.


Every Dog Has His Day by Jenn McKinlay is an endearing, humor-filled romance with likable characters and adorable pets and children. This latest addition to the Bluff Point series can be read as a standalone.

Zach Caine is a thirty-four year old mischievous, fun loving guy who is well known for his happy go lucky attitude.  He is one of three partners who own a brewery and since he so friendly and outgoing, he is the “public” face of the company. Everyone Zach knows loves him but none of them are unaware that he is not exactly boyfriend material since he keeps his relationships short, sweet and fun.  Which is why everyone, including Zach, is rather surprised when he becomes involved with his neighbor, Jessie Connelly, and her two little girls, seven year old Gracie and five year old Maddie. While Zach initially comes across as a little superficial, there is depth to his character that are slowly revealed over the course of the story.

Jessie mistakenly believes Zach is a player so she easily jumps to conclusions when she finds her daughters at his house after he recues their adventurous foster kitten from his garage roof. Her experiences with her cheating  ex-husband have left her very leery of becoming involved with anyone and Zach does not leave the best first or second impression on her. However, Jessie is quick to realize her mistake and even quicker to apologize for her jumping to conclusions. Although she knows that he is a good man, she is not sure she wants her girls to become too attached to him. Then there is the matter of Jessie’s pesky attraction to her roguish and sexy neighbor whom everyone is quick to warn is not interested in a long lasting relationship.

Despite her reservations about Zach, Jessie cannot deny that he is a positive role model for Maddie and Gracie.  The more time they spend together, the stronger their attraction to one another becomes. When Zach proposes a no strings fling, she does not really hesitate before agreeing to his proposition.  However, living in a small town means keeping a secret is virtually impossible and someone from her past is not at all happy about her fledgling relationship.

Although Zach and Jessie are fantastic characters, Gracie, Maddie, their kitten Chaos and Zach’s foster poodle Rufus completely steal the show.  Gracie is a little quiet, a bit of a people pleaser and one to sit back and observe instead of jumping into the fray. Maddie is a little firecracker who knows what she wants and she can be stubborn when thwarted.  Chaos and Rufus are darling pets who are as much a part of the family as their human owners.

While it is nice to see the main characters interact with their friends, the sheer number of secondary characters from the previous installments who make guest appearances is a bit overwhelming. They are enjoyable additions to the current story but it is virtually impossible to tell them apart. And while Zach’s male friends offer helpful advice, the women are just a bit… well, immature.  Juvenile humor, leads to ridiculous bets that are rather distasteful. The discussions between Jessie and the other women are just downright tacky especially since Jessie admits that she is not all that close to them.

Every Dog Has His Day is a charming romance that readers of contemporary will enjoy.  While there are a couple of serious elements that are touched on, the storyline is mostly light-hearted with plenty of humor. The romance has a bit of an insta-love vibe but Jenn McKinlay does a great job making the relationship between Jessie and Zach believable. A great addition to the Bluff Point series that old and new fans will enjoy.

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