Review: No Woods So Dark as These by Randall Silvis

Title: No Woods So Dark as These by Randall Silvis
Ryan DeMarco Mystery Series Book Four
Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press
Genre: Contemporary, Mystery, Suspense
Length: 448 pages
Book Rating: B

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Next in the literary, emotionally propulsive Ryan DeMarco Mystery series from Randall Silvis, critically acclaimed master of crime fiction.

There are good reasons to fear the dark…

Former Sergeant Ryan DeMarco’s life has been spent in defiance—he’s defied death, loneliness, and betrayal all while fighting the worst parts of humanity. He’s earned a break, and following the devastation of their last case, DeMarco and his girlfriend Jayme want nothing more than to live quietly in each other’s company. To forget the horrors they’ve experienced and work on making each other whole again.

But dreams of a peaceful life together are shattered when two bodies are discovered in a smoldering car in the woods, and another is found brutally mutilated nearby. Much as he’d like to leave the case to his former colleagues, dark forces are at play and DeMarco cannot escape the vortex of lies, betrayal, and desperation. He and Jayme are dragged back into the fray, where they must confront the shady dealings of a close-knit rural community.

Perfect for fans of murder mystery books and suspenseful thrillers alike, No Woods So Dark as These explores the atrocities humans are capable of when pushed to their limits. In this highly-anticipated addition to Randall Silvis’ books, Ryan DeMarco is forced into a case that might break him for good.


No Woods So Dark as These by Randall Silvis is a slow-burn mystery that is quit intriguing. This fourth installment in the Ryan DeMarco Mystery series can be read as a standalone.

Ryan DeMarco and his girlfriend Jayme Matson are still recovering from the events that occurred during their last case.  Although they are taking a bit of a break, neither can refuse State Trooper Captain Kyle Bowen’s request they assist on a gruesome triple homicide. Working alongside Troopers Mason Boyd and Daniella Flores,  Ryan and Jayme also agree to work with local reporter Chase Miller. The victims are almost impossible to identify so they are already at a bit of a disadvantage. However, after canvassing the town’s residents, they quickly zero in on a suspect.   Will DeMarco and Matson find the evidence they need to prove their theory?

Ryan and Jayme are both quite reflective throughout their investigation. Ryan has never quite made peace his past and he remains haunted by memories from various time periods in his life. Jayme has yet to come to terms with a painful loss but she is making a conscious effort to try to move forward.  Both feel a sense of impending trouble since trouble appears to be headed their way.

The case moves a little slowly since there is no viable evidence at the scene of the crime. Despite Ryan’s reservations, he agrees to allow Chase to assist their investigation. He proves to be a valuable asset as he uncovers a lead that could help identify the three victims. Locating a couple of possible witnesses, they are frustrated and saddened by events that unfold. Through good old fashioned detective work, DeMarco, Matson and the state troopers are soon closing in on the killer.

No Woods So Dark as These is an engaging mystery with an fascinating storyline. The characters are well-developed and they are quite contemplative throughout the story. The investigation is interesting and delves into the more unsavory aspects of life.  Although the case is quietly wrapped up, Randall Silvis brings the mystery to an absolutely jaw-dropping, cliffhanger conclusion. Old and new fans will enjoy this latest addition to the Ryan DeMarco Mystery series.

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