Book Talk: Let’s Discuss… Romance Novels

Are you a fan of romance novels (I am!)? Do you like your romances to have light-hearted, happily ever after storylines? Or do you want a little drama? How about true to life romances with messy, everyday plots and characters? Do you like contemporary or historical romances? If you read historical romances, is there a time perios you prefer? A time periiod you won’t read? What are your feelings on happy for now endings?

I’ll read light-hearted romances, but my preference is true to life romances with messy characters and issues to overcome. I lean toward women’s fiction which usually focus on growth of characters as they deal with a difficult problem and the romance is secondary. I’m also ok with happy for now romances. I like to think if the couple is together at the conclusion of the story, they’ll be together for the long haul.

I also read historical romances. I don’t read a lot of them now because it’s getting hard to find a historical romance without a suspense element. I usually find myself rolling my eyes throughout those type of historical romance. As far as time period, my preference is late 1700s to the present.

Comment below to join the conversation and share your opinion on romance novels. And if you’re currently reading a romance, tell us about it!

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3 Responses to Book Talk: Let’s Discuss… Romance Novels

  1. Suze

    I do like a romance but I do have to have something with it – bit of a mystery, preferably a murder!!. I am not so keen on purely character driven stories

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      LOL! I prefer my mysteries with murders too. But hold the romance, please! I do like a bit of romance in long running mystery series but it’s a tough balancing act for me.

  2. Katherine

    Almost everything I read is romance. I do prefer HEA to HFN. I like character development more than plot. That is, characters learn about themselves and grow toward each other.
    For a long time I read mostly Regency male/female romances. What I enjoyed was people finding their way despite the restrictions placed on them by society. When I started reading male/male romance, I pretty much stopped reading female/male. I was drawn to the same things as in Regency romances – people forging a relationship despite the restrictions placed on them by society. When I started reading M/M, marriage equality hadn’t yet happend. Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was still policy in the military.
    The way things are happening in the U.S these days, there is rampant homophobia. The focus has moved from marriage to children not being able to express their gender identity or to express their sexuality. Restrictions have switched from adults to people in their teens.
    I do read historical M/M romance. Some of my favorite historical authors are Summer Devon&Bonnie Dee, and Cat Sebastian. I also read a lot of (contemporary) hockey M/M romance, though that is based on a few writers I enjoy who have series, rather than reading every hockey romance that comes along. Mostly I stick with favorite authors and will try different genres that they write in.