Book Talk: What Have You Been Reading Lately?

Welcome to this week’s Book Talk!

I’ve noticed recently that if I’m tired or distracted, I don’t feel like reading. With a sick kitty in the house, I streamed more TV last week than usual. But I did manage to read one mystery!

I read a fictionalized mystery based on on a real life murder in Australia. After I finished reading it, I was curious about the true life case and discovered The Newcomer followed fairly closely to the original murder.

Author Laura Elizabeth Woollett’s victim shares many of the real life victim’s characteristics. The island setting is true to life and the islanders’ attitudes toward outsiders is realistically portrayed. The novel’s timeline also closely follows the original case. All of these details add to The Newcomer’s authenticity and provide readers with the basic facts of real life murder. The mystery is compelling and moves at a brisk pace. Highly recommend to readers of Australian mysteries.

Now it’s your turn. What have you been reading lately? Join the discussion by commenting below!

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