What have you been reading lately?

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Out Of Range by C.J. Box: 4.5 stars. In this outing in the Joe Pickett series, Joe is temporarily working in another district. He is just supposed to fill in but he cannot resist trying to uncover the truth about the previous game warden’s death. At the same time, the distance from home reveals cracks Joe and Marybeth’s marriage. The resolution of both story arcs is quite satisfying. I am looking forward to getting back to the series.

The Best Is Yet to Come by Debbie Macomber: 4.5 stars. I absolutely loved this sweet novel of healing and love. The war in Afghanistan leaves scars on both Hope and Cade although they are for very different reasons. Since Hope is a high school teacher, there is an intriguing story arc featuring two of her students. A traumatized dog also has a starring role in this heartwarming story. Although this wonderful novel is the third installment in the Oceanside series, it can be read as a standalone.

The Gatekeeper by James Byrne: 4.5 stars. An outstanding mystery with a very unusual lead protagonist. Dez Limerick’s keen observation prevents a kidnapping and he becomes embroiled in figuring out the reason behind the attack. The answer leads to a very unexpected place. Hopefully readers will be seeing a lot of Dez in future books in the series.

Deadlock by James Byrne: 4.5 stars. Read my review HERE.

Flight Risk by Joy Castro: 3.5 stars. The death of Isabel Morales’ mother sets the stage for an introspective journey back to her childhood home. Isabel is also worried about the state of her marriage. Isabel is tightly contained and very tight-lipped about her dysfunctional past. Her life’s story unfolds through long and meandering memories that keep the pace of the novel on the slow side. Isabel’s childhood is claustrophic both in setting and events. The resolution is a little rushed considering her husband’s actions and her revelations. Despite some of the reviews, the book is not at all political.

A Fever in the Heartland by Timothy Egan: I just began reading this deep dive into the history of the KKK in the US.

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