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Review: Cowboy Heaven by Cheryl Brooks

cowboy heavenTitle: Cowboy Heaven by Cheryl Brooks
Cowboy Heaven Series Book One
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic, Romance
Length: 304 pages
Book Rating: C+

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When you find yourself in cowboy heaven…
When lonely widow Angela McClure hires a gorgeous hitchhiking cowboy with an affair in mind, she knows they’ll have to be discreet: her old-fashioned father and the stern ranch foreman adamantly discourage any interaction between her and the ranch hands.

Things can get hot as hell…
Despite their attempts at secrecy, the heat between them is undeniable. To divert suspicion, Angela forms a new plan: she’ll flirt with all of the ranch hands. Suddenly Angela has a whole stable full of sexy-as-sin cowboys to play with, but only one can win her heart.


Cowboy Heaven is a lighthearted yet highly erotic romance. This first installment in Cheryl Brooks’ Cowboy Heaven series has a great cast of likable characters and a very eclectic storyline that is a little over the top but still enjoyable.

Angela McClure is a lonely widow whose libido is reawakened when she picks up a very sexy but down on his luck hitchhiker.  Cowboy Troy Whitmore has just been dumped by his girlfriend and without the money to make to make it to his next rodeo, he accepts Angela’s job offer to temporarily fill in for injured ranch hand Dusty Jackson. Zany mayhem ensues once Dusty figures out that Troy’s job description also includes a little hanky-panky with Angela.

Angela is a sympathetic and likable character. She had a happy marriage with a very satisfying sex life but she has not dated anyone since her husband’s death. As soon as she meets Troy, her attraction leads to a very explicit fantasy and an offer for him to become her boy toy. Angela is very candid about what she likes in bed and their sex scenes are deliciously naughty.

Although Angela tries to keep her extracurricular activities with Troy hidden from everyone else on the ranch, Dusty catches onto their arrangement right away. Dusty’s reaction catches Angela off guard and forces her to re-evaluate her agreement with Troy. Dusty’s discovery also provides her an opportunity to get to know the other ranch hands and she learns some rather shocking information about the men during a few very unorthodox but hilarious scenes.

Cowboy Heaven is a well-written novel that is humorous but somewhat silly. The storyline is unique but it is rather disjointed. It begins with a no strings fling that takes an unexpectedly serious turn after Angela and Troy’s affair is discovered.  A suspense element is thrown into the plot late in the novel and while it is fairly easy to guess who might be responsible, it is not so easy to discern a motive. The romance aspect of the storyline is wonderful but it gets a little lost among the other story arcs.

Although a little outrageous and slightly unrealistic, Cowboy Heaven is a very entertaining read. The cast of characters are superbly developed and it will be very interesting to see what Cheryl Brooks has planned for them in future installments of the Cowboy Heaven series.

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