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Review: Forbidden Obsessions by Jodie Griffin

Title: Forbidden Obsessions by Jodie Griffin
Bondage & Breakfast Series Book Four
Publisher: Carina Press
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic, Romance, BDSM
Word Count: 55,000
Book Rating: B

Complimentary Review Copy Provided by Author


Book four of Bondage & Breakfast

Bondage & Breakfast was a safe place for couples to explore BDSM–until an arsonist almost destroyed it. While the inn is closed for repairs, owner Gabe McConnell allows injured firefighter Olivia Watterson to stay and recover as a favor to a mutual friend. His attraction to her is unexpected and intense–but there’s no way she’s strong enough for the type of play he demands from a sub.

When she arrives at the inn, Liv is shocked–and intrigued. Her unanticipated obsession with the sexy, skilled Dom makes her all the more impatient with her slow recuperation. Even more frustrating is the way Gabe handles her like fragile glass, and she’s determined to prove she’s anything but by pushing her body to the limit.

Holding back should be easy for Gabe, but the more Liv challenges his limits, the more he craves her, body, mind and heart…

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55,000 words

The Review:

In Forbidden Obsessions, the fourth book in Jodie Griffin’s sizzling BDSM series Bondage & Breakfast, it is B&B owner Gabe McConnell’s turn to find love. This über sexy and very intense Dom meets his match in Olivia Watterson but their clashes about her recuperation threaten to derail their newfound relationship.

Needing a reprieve from her well-meaning but overbearing mother, Olivia gratefully escapes to Gabe’s B&B to continue her recovery from a very serious accident. With little knowledge of the BDSM lifestyle, she is a slightly uncomfortable but very intrigued by Gabe and the B&B. Olivia is also very surprised by her desire to submit to Gabe’s domination and while she is a little hesitant, she is also eager to explore the passion between them. Their encounters are fraught with sexual tension as Gabe demands Olivia’s submission and trust as he slowly introduces her to BDSM play.

His relationship with Olivia is new territory for Gabe. He prides himself on his ability to tightly control any situation and his emotions but his explorations with Olivia continually challenge his limits. He is naturally caring and quite nurturing, but he is overly cautious where Olivia is concerned and she is often frustrated by his overbearing attitude. Fearing Gabe will never see her as the strong, healthy and capable woman she is, Olivia is quickly at wit’s end and she ends their explorations.

In the beginning of Forbidden Obsessions, Olivia and Gabe share an easygoing friendship that is underscored by mutual attraction. They quickly embark on a sexual journey that is a push/pull of desire and emotion for both Olivia and Gabe. Olivia is a strong woman and she does not meekly submit to Gabe. She is sometimes fighting herself as much as she is Gabe but she always stands her ground with Gabe when she needs to.

Forbidden Obsessions is another outstanding addition to the Bondage & Breakfast series. Jodie Griffin continues to keep the series fresh with innovative and interesting plotlines. The characters are refreshingly unique and easy to relate to as they explore their innermost, naughty desires.

As with previous works in the series, Forbidden Obsessions can be read as a standalone story.

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