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Kelsey’s Song by Lanie Kincaid

Title: Kelsey’s Song by Lanie Kincaid
Publisher: Griffyn Ink
The Wilder Books
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Length: 255 pdf pages
Book Rating: C+

Review Copy Obtained from Publisher Through NetGalley


JD Hewlitt gave up the good life.
He quit his high-stress job, sold his high-rise condo and left his high-maintenance girlfriend behind to start over in Nashville. Three years later, his band Wilder is still struggling for the recognition they deserve and his hopes aren’t what they used to be. Out of the blue he gets a call that an ex-girlfriend passed away – leaving him a child he didn’t know he had. To make matters worse, his six year old daughter, Andie, is a demon.

Kelsey Conklin never had the good life.
She’s always taken care of everyone and everything around her, including her entire family. But now it’s just her and her two kids. She’s packed up her past and moved them all to Nashville to start over. All she really wants is a quiet life and she’s pretty sure she knows how her story works.

But JD and Andie need her. And it turns out that she and her kids need them, too. Somewhere along the way, JD becomes something she can’t live without, and something she never thought she’d have.

With a little ingenuity, they can make this work. And maybe JD knows what she needs better than she ever did. . .

The Review:

Kelsey’s Song by Lanie Kincaid is a charming romance with two delightfully engaging protagonists that will melt your heart when their close friendship takes an unexpected detour into love.

The first thing I have to mention is the outstanding character development in Kelsey’s Song. Ms. Kincaid’s cast of characters is vibrant, three-dimensional and incredibly realistic. Kelsey Conklin is an undeniably strong woman with a sweet and giving personality. JD Hewlitt is charming, sexy, and delightfully inept in his new role as a father. Kelsey’s children, Daniel and Allie are absolutely adorable, and even when she is being a demon child, JD’s daughter Andie works her way into the reader’s heart. Fully rounding out the cast of characters are JD’s brother TJ and fellow band mates Craig and Alex.

Kelsey’s Song has a unique plot that is compelling and stands out from other novels. Ms. Kincaid slowly builds a solid friendship between JD and Kelsey that lends credibility to their shift from friends to lovers. Another strong point in the novel is the encouragement JD and Kelsey give to one another in their personal and professional lives.

There are quite a few editing errors early on. The most obvious is the spelling of JD’s daughter’s name. Her name switches from “Andy” to “Andie” which causes a bit of confusion as there is another Andy mentioned in the book. Some of the sentences feel awkward, but the flow improves throughout the novel. I found some of the issues took a little too long to resolve, and the change from friends to lovers is very drawn out. The conflict between JD and Kelsey felt a little contrived and out of character for both of them, but I really loved how they finally worked through their differences.

Kelsey’s Song is an enjoyable read with an appealing cast of characters. It is an incredibly heartwarming and uplifting romance, and if you enjoy novels centered around families, then you should definitely pick up a copy Kelsey’s Song.

I am hooked on Lanie Kincaid’s Wilder novels, and I cannot wait to read TJ’s story in Second Chances.

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