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Guest Post & Spotlight: Truth and Humility by J.A. Dennam

Something readers don’t know about my contemporary romantic suspense, TRUTH AND HUMILITY, is that I wrote it on the sly. Absolutely no one knew I was pounding out another book until I was done with it. Not even my husband and kids. My guilt over caving to my obsessive-compulsion put me back in that juvenile stage when every time someone looked in my direction, I’d whistle at the ceiling. I had plenty to keep me busy, like raising four kids, focusing on my art business, keeping my husband happy…but all of it went to the wayside for about ten long weeks. How did I get away with it?

I’m still scratching my head over that one. The house was a mess, to-do lists went ignored, meals were microwaveable and I experienced withdrawals when away from my laptop. The signs were there, but it had been several years since I’d written my last novel and nobody connected the dots. Needless to say, it made for an interesting confession.

“Honey…um…I have to tell you something.”

“Why are you fidgeting?”

“Well…” deep sigh, “you’ve been wondering why I’ve been so distant lately and…why I’m always doing ‘research’ on my computer, but…the truth is…”

“Oh, jeez, you’re having an on-line affair.”


“Porn? You into on-line porn?”


“Just tell me. I can see it’s bad.”

My lips begin to tremble. I hang my head with self-reproach. “Book three.”

Aaaaand, the light comes on.

He got over it quickly, but I had probably done more damage to my conscience than he ever could. Now, I am delighted to say I no longer need to hide my secret cravings. Thanks to thousands of T&H readers, I have a great excuse to write another novel.

“What are you doing?”


“I’ll get you some coffee…”

Stay tuned for
a spinoff of the hugely successful

She thought she knew him. She used to trust him. The man who once embodied all that was good in her life was now holding her prisoner, a dark, haunting figure with a criminal mind and vacant brown eyes to match… “What…what happened to you?”

He rubbed a strand of her glossy blond hair between calloused fingers. The answer came in a hoarse whisper. “The end.”

Title: Truth and Humility by J.A. Dennam
Publisher: J. A. Dennam
Genre: Contemporary, Romantic Suspense
Length: 361 pages


Danny Bennett knows that most of what keeps her family feuding with the Cahill clan is baseless accusations from both parties, but that doesn’t keep her from taking sides. After all, when her fun-loving brother, Derek – the person she idolizes the most – has been accused of murder, her loyalties lay solidly with him. But her loyalty to her chosen future is what she puts first when she applies for a dangerous job in order to pay for her college education. Accustomed to living on the edge, Danny welcomes a good challenge…until she realizes she has unwittingly landed herself in the bowels of the enemy camp and fallen prey to her brother’s irresistibly sexy accuser.

Driven by hatred, Austin Cahill knows exactly what to do with the Bennett girl who saunters onto his jobsite under false pretenses: use her as a weapon against her brother, the man he holds responsible for his fiancé’s fatal drowning. Derek Bennett must pay for his crimes, but Austin must coax a confession out of him first. His plan to “own” Derek’s beloved baby sister should break the man, but he soon discovers a much bigger obstacle…his burgeoning desire for Danny. When Derek comes for her, will Austin be prepared to let her go in exchange for the truth? Will his quest for vengeance destroy the woman he’s grown to care for? Or will it be the truth that brings them all down?

Author Bio:

J. A. Dennam, an award-winning author and member of Romance Writers of America, resides in a small Kansas town with her husband and four children. Besides her great love for literary arts, her passions include fine art, culinary art and music.

Storytelling has always been a part of her life, used as an effective tool to combat insomnia as a child. As an adult, the need to purge her private stories demanded she put them in print. Her fascination with romance, fast cars and adventure films is what structures her stories today, making Romantic Suspense the genre she was simply born to write.

For over twenty years, Ms. Dennam has been building her career as a painter of Western portraiture. In the meantime, however, she managed to complete three novels. The recent decision to forgo her fine art career in lieu of her writing career was a simple one. Her passion for writing far outshines all other passions and she has only just begun to build her list of achievements by entering writing contests, joining local writer’s groups and gaining an impressive number of positive reviews for her books.

Ms. Dennam is represented by Marisa A. Corvisiero, Esq.
Literary Agent
Corvisiero Literary Agency

Connect with Ms. Dennam on the web: Website * Facebook * Twitter * Goodreads


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