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Review: The Wrong Woman by Leanne Kale Sparks

Title: The Wrong Woman by Leanne Kale Sparks
Publisher: Crooked Lane Books
Genre: Contemporary, Mystery, Suspense
Length: 316 pages
Book Rating: B+

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The past is never far behind, as a string of murders threatens to unleash long-buried secrets in this pulse-pounding thriller for fans of Melinda Leigh and T. R. Ragan.

The only survivor of Denver’s notorious “Reaper” serial murders, FBI Special Agent Kendall Beck grapples with the ghosts of her past by seeking justice for victims of abuse. She’s neck deep in a particularly ugly case involving the disappearance of five-year-old Emily Williams—but her investigation is derailed when her best friend and roommate, Gwen Tavich, turns up dead floating in a nearby lake.

Devastated by the news of Gwen’s death, Kendall teams up with Denver detective Adam Taylor to find the killer. Gwen’s fiancé, Ty Butler, is being evasive about the last time he saw Gwen, and as the evidence mounts against him, he’s arrested for the murder. With every new clue, Kendall questions how well she really knew her friend. And when Gwen’s dark secrets begin spilling out one by one, she begins to understand the devastating magnitude of her murder. The Reaper has returned to Denver—and he’s not stopping at just one victim.

As the trauma of Kendall’s past comes roaring back, she and Adam have no time to spare before more bodies start piling up. And then Kendall makes a shocking discovery that reveals the horrifying truth behind Emily Williams’s disappearance. Now, Kendall must confront her darkest fears as she and the Reaper face off one more time.


The Wrong Woman by Leanne Kale Sparks is a suspense-laden mystery.

FBI Agent Kendall Beck is working an intense case involving missing five-year-old Emily Scott. Suspecting she has been kidnapped, Beck is determined to find the young girl. In the midst of the deeply troubling case, Kendall’s best friend and roommate Gwen Tavich fails to return home. Gwen co-owns a successful restaurant with her fiancé Ty Butler who seems somewhat unconcerned about her whereabouts. As a professional courtesy, Denver Detective Adam Taylor is assigned to Gwen’s case. When are putting much effort into finding Gwen, Kendall launches her own search for her missing friend.  After her worst fears about Gwen come true, will Beck and Taylor uncover the truth about who murdered Gwen?

While still in college, Kendall tries to rescue a young woman who turns out to be a victim of a serial killer known as The Reaper.  This experience lead her to decide to join the FBI in order to try to help victims of violent crimes. Kendall is tenacious as she puts in long hours trying to learn the truth about what happened to Emily.  Despite her reputation for keeping cool under pressure, Kendall’s actions threaten to derail the case and her career is soon in jeopardy.

While attempting to find out what happened to Gwen, Kendall uncovers information that leaves her wondering how well she really knows her longtime friend. She is also frustrated by Ty’s lack of cooperation so she tries to find out what secrets he is keeping. Unbeknownst to Kendall, Adam is discovering shocking details that turn a couple of his investigations completely upside down.

The Wrong Woman is a mesmerizing mystery that moves at a brisk pace. Kendall is a little impetuous as she desperately tries to find answers about both Emily and Gwen’s cases. Adam understands Kendall’s need to catch Gwen’s killer and he is caught off-guard as the case takes an absolutely stunning turn. The two investigations are intriguing and Kendall unwittingly puts herself in harm’s way. With devious twists and turns, Leanne Kale Sparks brings this clever mystery to an action-filled conclusion.

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