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Review: Love and the Silver Lining by Tammy L. Gray

Title: Love and the Silver Lining by Tammy L. Gray
State of Grace Series Book Two
Publisher: Bethany House Publishers
Genre: Contemporary, Inspirational, Romance
Length: 368 pages
Book Rating: B+

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This disaster may be just what she needed.

Darcy Malone’s dreams of mission work are dashed on the eve of fulfilling them: The Guatemalan school she was going to teach at has closed, and she’s already quit her job and given up her apartment. Stuck in her worst-case scenario, Darcy accepts an unexpected offer to move in with Bryson Katsaros’s little sister, despite the years of distrust between her and Bryson, the lead singer in her best friend Cameron’s band. But as she meets those close to Bryson, Darcy quickly discovers there is more to him than just his bad-boy persona.

Needing to find a purpose for all her sudden free time, Darcy jumps at the chance to care for and train a group of unruly dogs, with the aim of finding each a home before their bereaved owner returns them to animal control. But it’s Darcy herself who will encounter a surprising rescue in the form of love, forgiveness, and learning to let go.


Love and the Silver Lining by Tammy L. Gray is a multi-layered inspirational romance. This second installment in the State of Grace series can be read as a standalone.

Darcy Malone’s disappointments have been piling up and this latest blow almost levels her. Instead of heading off on her long-awaited mission, she is instead packing up her apartment and looking for a temporary place to stay. Her best friend Cameron Lee offers to let her stay with him and his former bandmates. Although far from ideal, this solution is better than moving in with her mom. Darcy is still reeling from her parents’ unexpected divorce and she would rather not live with her mother. When Bryson Kataro learns of her dilemma, he arranges for Darcy to stay with his half-sister Zoe.

At loose ends, Darcy accompanies Bryson to his friend Charlie’s place in the country. Charlie is grieving the loss of his wife and with him ready to give up on his late wife’s shelter dogs, Darcy volunteers to train them for adoption. Thrown into Bryson’s company, Darcy  is finally seeing beneath his hardened surface layers. She surprises herself when she seeks out his company and he provides a much needed ear as she tries to come to terms with the changes in her life.  How will Darcy react when she discovers Bryson returns her attraction? And if they decide to act on it, what effect will dating Bryson have on her lifelong friendship with Cameron?

In her late twenties, Darcy has put so much effort into raising money for her mission that she is rudderless when her plans fall through. She is also still trying to come to terms with the effects of her parents’ shocking divorce. Darcy has also always had a strong faith and after this newest disappointment, she struggles with her inability to hear God speak to her. She ordinarily turns to Cameron but he is not happy she accepted Bryson’s help instead of his. When her path continues to cross with Bryson, she begins to realize there is much she does not know about him. Darcy begins to seek him out when she needs a sounding board and she suddenly begins to view him in a whole new light.

Due to events from his childhood, Bryson is guarded and does not allow very many people to get close to him. He has working hard to finally get a big break for his band. Although he and Darcy have known each other since they were children, they were never all that close. Bryson is stunned when he starts to open up to Darcy, but he still clings tightly to his secrets.  He is a little frustrated that she tends to view him in a negative light.  With a lot of disappointment and pain in his past, will Bryson be open to the possibility of a future with Darcy?

Love and the Silver Lining is a charming novel of self-discovery, forgiveness and love. Darcy is a bit naïve and sheltered and she does not weather adversity well. She can be annoying and amazingly clueless about what is going on around her. But Darcy is kind-hearted, compassionate and struggling to understand herself. Bryson is a bit of a bad boy but it is easy to see he is so much more than the image he portrays. He has not had an easy life and he is multi-faceted with hidden depths. A possible romance between Darcy and Bryson simmers on the back burner for much of the story. With conflict brewing and a decision looming, Tammy L. Gray brings this captivating novel to a heartfelt conclusion. Old and new readers are going to love this latest addition to the State of Grace series.

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