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Review: Hurry Home by Roz Nay

Title: Hurry Home by Roz Nay
Publisher: Crooked Lane Books
Genre: Contemporary, Domestic Mystery
Length: 272 pages
Book Rating: B+

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From the bestselling author of Our Little Secret comes a suspenseful new thriller featuring two estranged sisters desperate to keep their deepest and darkest secret where it belongs–in the past.

Close to my heart you’ll be, sisters forever you and me...

Alexandra Van Ness has the perfect life. She lives in an idyllic resort town tucked away in the Rocky Mountains, shares a designer loft with her handsome boyfriend, Chase, and has her dream job working in child protection. Every day, Alex goes above and beyond to save children at risk.

But when her long-lost sister, Ruth, unexpectedly shows up at her door, Alex’s perfect life is upended. Growing up, Ruth was always the troublemaker, pulling Alex into her messes, and this time will be no different. Still, Alex will help Ruth under one condition: we will never, ever, talk about the past. But when trouble befalls a local child, both women are forced to confront the secrets they’ve promised to keep buried.

Utterly engrossing and claustrophobic, Hurry Home is a tantalizing reflection of the chain-and-shackles relationship between sisters that asks: what lines wouldn’t you cross for your own?


Hurry Home by Roz Nay is a clever, twist-filled domestic mystery.

After tragedy strikes their family, sisters Alexandra “Alex” Van Ness and her older sister Ruth’s lives go in totally different directions. Ruth’s relationship with their farm worker Hal Nightingale did not sit well with her parents and she left with years earlier. Alex is a social worker living in Moses River, CO with her health conscious, gorgeous boyfriend Chase Kennedy.  When Ruth shows up on their doorstep looking for a place to live, Chase has no qualms about letting her stay with them.  Alex, on the other hand, dreads the trouble her sister might bring for her. As the weeks, then months, pass,  Alex dreads all of the secrets she has been keeping might come out into the open. But Ruth is also hiding important details about why she showed up in Moses River. And when that past collides with the present, who will suffer the consequences?

Alex is very committed to protecting the children who cross her path. She is very diligent and she sometimes finds herself at odds with her boss and co-workers.  Although her job is stressful, Alex has nothing to worry about at home since Chase is so laid back. She is very grateful that he respects her desire not to talk about her childhood. But when Ruth arrives in town, Alex’s efforts to live in the present are in danger of being destroyed.

Ruth’s life has been off track for many years. But she is hoping moving to Moses River will be the new beginning she desperately needs. But Ruth is hiding explosive secrets that could upend her plans. She also finds it difficult to not tell Chase anything about her and Alex’s childhood. The only question is does Ruth have an ulterior motive for spilling some information to Chase?

Hurry Home is an atmospheric domestic mystery that is fast paced and engaging. Alex and Ruth are well-developed characters but which one of them is the most reliable narrator? Chase is likable but he does not show much backbone until events take an unexpected turn late in the story.  With a stunning series of plot twists, Roz Nay brings this brilliant mystery to a nail-biting conclusion. Highly recommend to fans of the genre!

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