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Jesse by C.H. Admirand

Title: Jesse by C.H. Admirand
Secret Life of Cowboys Book Three
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Imprint: Soucebooks Casablanca
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Length: 352 pages
Book Rating: B

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Get swept away with C.H. Admirand
a storyteller with “amazing flair…Readers will be left panting.”—RT Book Reviews 4 ½ Stars

Loneliness Will Take a Man Places…

Jesse Garahan has plenty of Irish charm, but having had his heart demolished twice, he’s sworn off women forever. Until the fateful day he meets Danielle Brockway and her tiny daughter on their way to their new home in Pleasure, Texas.

But There May Be Places He Doesn’t Want To Go…
Fiercely protective of her little girl, Danielle isn’t about to let Jesse get anywhere close enough to hurt either of them, no matter how much longing she sees in his eyes…

The Review:

This beautiful love story will steal your heart as C.H. Admirand brings The Secret Life of Cowboys trilogy to a close. My favorite of the three Garahan novels, Jesse is an engaging romance with charming protagonists and an irresistible little cowgirl.

The youngest of the Garahan brothers, Jesse is recovering from a recent heartbreak. He is not looking for love, but Jesse falls hard for Danielle Brockway and her adorable daughter Lacy. Danielle is leery of getting involved with another cowboy but Jesse slowly works past her defenses and into her heart.

Jesse Garahan is a hardworking cowboy who has deep ties to the family ranch he works with his brothers. The three brothers love, work and play hard and do not hesitate to work out their differences with their fists. They are fiercely loyal to one another and they love pushing one another’s buttons. Jesse lives by a strict code of cowboy conduct and old fashioned values instilled in him by his grandfather. Like his brothers, Jesse is possessive of the woman he loves.

Danielle Brockway is a single mom starting her life over following her divorce. She settles easily into her new life with her uncle Jimmy while trying to plan where her life is going next. She is a dedicated mom who is very protective of her four year old daughter Lacy. Danielle is easily accepted by the Garahan clan and she forms quick friendships with Ronnie and Emily.

Lacy is a precocious little girl who loves all things cowboy and she is smitten with Jesse from their first meeting. Jesse is a natural with children and their scenes together are incredibly sweet.

With a little bit of matchmaking by Emily and Ronnie, Jesse and Danielle’s relationship easily transitions from friends to lovers. While Danielle is wary of getting involved with another cowboy, she does not let her concerns interfere with their romance. The chemistry between them is sizzling and their lovemaking is quite sensual.

Jesse is a fast-paced novel with true to life characters and a believable storyline. Close family ties and friendships add to the novel’s appeal. C.H. Admirand saved the best story for last and Jesse is a wonderful end to a touching series. Fans of contemporary westerns won’t want to miss this fabulous romance.

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Dylan by C.H. Admirand

Title: Dylan by C.H. Admirand
The Secret Life of Cowboys Book 2
Publisher: Sourcebook Casablanca
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Length: 384 pages
Book Rating: C+

Review Copy Obtained from Publisher Through NetGalley


Second in a hot contemporary cowboy romance trilogy featuring three brothers desperately trying to save their ranch, and their pride.

Sexy rancher Dylan is temporarily covering his brother’s shift at the Lucky Star ladies club when he meets Ronnie DelVecchio, a darkhaired beauty with snapping green eyes. Sparks and tempers fly and Dylan can’t resist the urge to see what it would be like to kiss her senseless.

The Review:

C.H. Admirand’s Dylan is the second installment in The Secret Life of Cowboys series featuring the Garahan brothers. It is a sweet and sexy romance set in the charming small Texas town of Pleasure. From the moment he lassoes her at the Lucky Star, Dylan Garahan is captivated by Ronnie DelVecchio.

The sparks fly between Ronnie and Dylan from their first meeting, and Ms. Admirand keeps the sexual tension high as this couple works through their emotional baggage. Ronnie is recently divorced and reluctant to enter into a new relationship. She is strong, independent and shares a close bond with her grandmother. Dylan has not been in a serious relationship since his heart was broken by his childhood sweetheart. An alpha male, he strongly pursues Ronnie until he is able to slip past her defenses.

Dylan is a well-written but slow paced novel. The build-up of Ronnie and Dylan’s relationship moves at snail’s pace as they work through their respective issues. Their romance has an “insta-love” feel to it as they seem to fall in love fairly quickly without dating or really getting to know one another. The sexual attraction between them burns hot and their resulting lovemaking is explosive and quite steamy.

One of the most appealing aspects of Dylan is the close-knit relationship shared by Dylan and his brothers Tyler and Jesse. Having lost their parents at an early age, the three brothers were raised by their grandfather on the ranch that has been in their family for generations. Although he is now deceased, their grandfather’s presence is strongly felt throughout the novel.

Equally enjoyable are the friendships shared by Ronnie and the other women who own businesses in Pleasure. They are quick to lend aid when necessary and their scenes together truly shine. Mavis Beeton is sure to be everyone’s favorite character in The Secret Life of Cowboys series.

Overall, C.H. Admirand’s Dylan is an enjoyable read with some very charming and likeable characters. Although there are a few missteps and misunderstandings along the way, Ronnie and Dylan find their happily ever after with a little help from their friends and families.


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