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Review: Secret Investigation by Elizabeth Heiter

Title: Secret Investigation by Elizabeth Heiter
Tactical Crime Division Series Book Two
Publisher: Harlequin Intrigue
Genre: Contemporary, Mystery, Romantic Suspense
Length: 256 pages
Book Rating: B+

Complimentary Review Copy Provided by the Author


In the wake of a tragedy,

the Tactical Crime Division is the first call.

When ironclad body armor inexplicably fails and soldiers perish, the Tactical Crime Division jumps into action. Agent and former ranger Davis Rogers asks to go undercover to find the traitor responsible for the death of one of his friends, and Petrov Armor CEO Leila Petrov is happy to provide access to her company…especially once she discovers she’s being framed. But will their joint efforts be enough to uncover the truth?


Secret Investigation by Elizabeth Heiter is a perplexing mystery with a diverse cast of interesting characters and an intriguing storyline.

The body armor failure during a military training mission gone horrifically wrong makes Tactical Crime Division’s newest case quite personal for FBI Agent Davis Rogers. He and the rest of team are certain that CEO Leila Petrov is involved in selling inferior body armor to the military. But upon first meeting Leila, Davis believes her when she proclaims her innocence. She wants to know who is responsible for such an egregious act, but could Davis’s theory that it is an inside job possibly be right?

Leila and Davis are reluctant partners in an investigation that threatens Petrov Armor’s future. Davis and the team suspect someone very close to the top of the business is involved but Leila is harder to convince. The family owned business includes her Uncle Joel who is like a second father to her and her closest friend Eric Ross. Could someone she loves and trusts have betrayed her?

The investigation takes a few unexpected twists when agent at large and loner Kane Bradshaw acts on a hunch. Just as he is close to uncovering some valuable evidence, FBI Profiler Dr. Melinda Larsen complicates his plan.  Will Kane and Melinda escape from a dangerous situation?

Secret Investigation is an engaging mystery that also includes an unanticipated romance between Davis and Leila.  Pushing their unexpected feelings aside, they work to unmask the person whose greed cost so many lives. With well-placed red herrings, Elizabeth Heiter brings this clever mystery to a shocking conclusion. Although this newest release is the second installment in the multi-author Tactical Crime Division series, it can be read as a standalone.

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