Review: The Consequences by Colette Freedman

consequencesTitle: The Consequences by Colette Freedman
Publisher: Kensington Books
Genre: Contemporary, Fiction
Length: 320 pages
Book Rating: B

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In the riveting follow-up to her acclaimed debut novel, Colette Freedman explores the aftermath of infidelity from three different perspectives–husband, wife, and mistress.

The end of an affair may be only the beginning. . .

Over the course of one tumultuous Christmas Eve, Kathy Walker confirmed her suspicions about her husband’s affair, confronted his mistress, Stephanie, and saved her marriage. She and Robert have eighteen years, two teenagers, and a film production business between them–plus a bond that Kathy has no intention of giving up on. Yet though Robert is contrite, Kathy can’t quite silence her doubts.

While Robert reels from his wife’s ultimatum and his mistress’s rejection, Stephanie makes a discovery: she’s pregnant. Her resolve to stay away from Robert wavers now that they could make a real family together. And in the days that follow, Stephanie, Robert, and Kathy must each reckon with the intricate realities of desire, the repercussions of betrayal, and the secrets that, once revealed, ripple through lives and relationships in thoroughly unexpected ways.

The Review:

If you are curious to know what happens with Kathy and Robert Walker and Stephanie Burroughs after The Affair ends, then you won’t want to miss Colette Freedman’s dramatic sequel, The Consequences. The cataclysmic confrontation between the three ended with Robert choosing to stay with Kathy but what effect will Stephanie’s shocking news have his decision?

As with The Affair, The Consequences is told from each of the key participants’ perspectives of the same events and time period. Again, I found this approach unique and compelling and I appreciated the insight into each of the characters. My respect for Stephanie and Kathy grew and while I felt sympathy for Robert’s unexpected loss, on the whole, I eventually lost what respect I had for him.

The story opens from Stephanie’s point of view as she is about to fly to her parents’ for Christmas. She is still in love with Robert, but she is determined to stay away from him and try to repair her damaged career. She is shocked to learn she is pregnant and while she does not want to get back together with Robert, she knows she needs to share her news with him.

Although Robert has chosen to stay with Kathy, he still has feeling for Stephanie. He is concerned for her and early in the book, he makes a decision that eventually comes back to haunt him. I was touched by his concern for a close friend, and the emotions he feels are genuine. But when it comes to his relationship with Stephanie, I think we see the real Robert and the picture is not pretty.

For her part, Kathy knows that saving her marriage is going to take hard work and trust. She gives Robert the benefit of the doubt time and again despite the misgivings his behavior arouses. She deliberately avoids searching for evidence that he is lying to her and although it is difficult, she avoids confronting Robert with her suspicions. Again, she takes full responsibility for her role in the breakdown of the marriage and she continues to believe they have a good chance at repairing their relationship.

Once again, The Consequences builds to another spectacular confrontation and I was absolutely stunned at the novel’s conclusions. Will Colette Freedman give us yet another peek into Robert, Stephanie and Kathy’s lives? I hope so, but if not, I am very satisfied with the resolution of their complicated, yet incredibly fascinating, relationship.

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