Review: Listening to Love by Beth Wiseman

Title: Listening to Love by Beth Wiseman
An Amish Journey Series Book Two
Publisher: Zondervan
Genre: Contemporary, Amish, Romance
Length: 321 pages
Book Rating: B+

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He’s Amish. She’s Englisch. They are best friends, despite what the gossips say. But could the rumor mill know more than they do?

Englischer Natalie Collins looks forward to Friday night suppers at Levi and Mary Shetler’s house every week: delicious food, wonderful conversation with her Amish friends, and, best of all, the presence of Levi’s older brother Lucas. Natalie and Lucas have become best friends despite their different backgrounds. They share a love of books, and he is teaching her about God in a way that she can understand.

But the closer they become, the more opinions everyone seems to have. Levi and Mary, Lucas’s family, and even Natalie’s mother—whose own life is a mess at the moment—have concerns about their relationship. Why can’t everyone understand that it’s possible to just be friends? Besides, they couldn’t be together even if they wanted to be. Lucas would never leave the Amish faith, and Natalie is Englisch and pursuing a degree in veterinary medicine.

But when a terrifying accident happens, Natalie and Lucas are forced to confront their true feelings and decide if they can stay true to themselves and each other.

The second novel in the Amish Journeys series by bestselling author Beth Wiseman explores the compromises and sacrifices it takes to truly listen to love.


Listening to Love is a thought-provoking Amish story of love, healing, friendship and family. Although this latest release is the second installment in Beth Wiseman’s An Amish Journey series, it can be read as a standalone.

Nineteen year old Natalie Collins is an Englischer whose relationship with God has grown through her friendship with Lucas Shetler. Through an unexpected inheritance and her friends’ generosity, Natalie is going to college where she plans to achieve her life-long dream of becoming a veterinarian. Despite all of the positive things in her life, Natalie is troubled by her mother Cecelia’s inability to move past her hurt and bitterness from her divorce. She is also dipping into her college savings to help support Cecelia whose financial situation is becoming dire. The time Natalie spends with Lucas is a huge bright spot in her life but do their feelings for one another run deeper than friendship?

Natalie is a caring and very responsible young woman but she is growing weary of financially and emotionally supporting her mom.  She is also a bit concerned about the career path she has chosen for herself. Natalie and Lucas live in very different worlds but they are trying to remain true to the plans that God has for them. Both of their friends and families are growing worried that their relationship might turn into a romance. Thankfully, Natalie has Lucas and God to help her navigate the unexpected obstacles that suddenly appear in her life.  

Lucas and his family are Old Order Amish which is very strict and eschews modern technology. Even in the face of his mother’s disapproval, he cannot deny how drawn he is to Natalie. If they are to have a future together, one of them will have to sacrifice the life they are currently living. Can Lucas walk away from his family and faith in order for them to be together?

Cecelia has been trying hard to overcome the betrayal of her husband divorcing her. She feels guilty over relying so heavily on her daughter and she is growing desperate as she searches for employment. When Cecelia meets Lucas’s neighbor Moses Schwartz, she does not hesitate to accept his job offer. She is happily settling into her new position and she is finally beginning to regain her lost confidence. But will Cecelia revert to destructive coping mechanisms when faced with an unexpected crisis?

Listening to Love is a heartwarming Amish novel with an engaging romance and endearing characters. Natalie and Lucas are winsome characters who are faced with life-altering decisions once they fall in love. They both grow and change as they work together to make the right choice for their future. Cecelia’s story arc is quite uplifting but challenging as she begins healing from her painful divorce. Old and new fans of Beth Wiseman’s An Amish Journey series are going to love this newest addition to this heartfelt series.

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