Review: A Christmas Engagement by Linda Byler

Title: A Christmas Engagement by Linda Byler
Publisher: Good Books
Genre: Contemporary, Amish, Romance
Length: 240 pages
Book Rating: B

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Bestselling Amish novelist Linda Byler spins a sweet tale of heartache, disappointment, and ultimately hopes fulfilled at Christmastime.

Liz had been in love once, had even been engaged. In fact, the wedding had been planned, the barn cleaned, and the celery was set to be harvested to make the traditional wedding soup. Just two weeks before the day she was to exchange vows with her beloved, he changed his mind, and that was that.

The humiliation was almost as bad as the heartbreak. The whole community had celebrated her engagement, had participated in the wedding planning, had started giving her advice on keeping a home and raising children. When the wedding was canceled, no one knew what to say. She had to bear the pitying looks and awkward glances for many months. She vowed never to be such a fool again, never to trust her heart to a man who could just up and leave her with hardly an explanation. She’d rather be an old maid than go through that again.

Years pass, and Liz has made peace with her life as a single woman, a “leftover blessing” as the Amish say. She can admit to herself that Matthew, the owner of the Amish restaurant at the market where she works, is handsome. And she is aware that he is single. But she reminds herself over and over that it’s not worth feeling anything for the man. He’s her boss and that’s it. So why does she look forward to work so much every day? And why can’t she make her heart beat at a normal pace when he comes near?

Linda Byler is beloved for her skillful story telling and true-to-life descriptions of Amish food, faith, and culture. As an Amish woman herself, she can share details of Amish life that few can replicate. In this charming novel, Byler shares intimate details of day-to-day life in an Amish community while spinning a sweet tale of love and hopes fulfilled at Christmastime.


A Christmas Engagement by Linda Byler is an uplifting Amish romance of renewed faith and ultimately, healing.

Liz is less than impressed with her new boss at the restaurant where she is a cook. But she loves her job so tries to push aside her discontent with him. She and Matthew butt heads as he tries to make the restaurant a little more upscale.  So, Liz is less than thrilled when he becomes part of the single group in her district.

Liz has not recovered from the pain of being jilted not long before her wedding. Her family has hopes she will find love again and marry but she is not looking to settle down. Liz closely guards her heart now and she still feels betrayed by those who were supposed to have cared for her.

From Liz’s perspective, Matthew is too handsome and a little arrogant. She begins to soften toward him when he unexpectedly asks for her assistance with a possible problem with an employee. Which is probably why she agrees to give him a chance when he asks her on a date. But will her fears prevent her from allowing their burgeoning romance to grow into something deeper?

A Christmas Engagement is a heartwarming Amish romance with an interesting storyline. Liz is not easy to like at first because she is so prickly and unbending. Matthew is a little frustrating since he refuses to listen to anyone’s advice regarding the restaurant. The secondary characters are likable and a little eclectic. The romance between Liz and Matthew is slow-burning since Liz’s fears of getting hurt again are difficult for her to overcome.  Linda Byler brings this lovely Christmas romance to a wonderful, sigh-worthy conclusion.

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