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Review: Matched and Married by Kathleen Fuller

Title: Matched and Married by Kathleen Fuller
An Amish Mail-Order Bride Series Book Two
Publisher: Zondervan
Genre: Contemporary, Amish, Romance
Length: 320 pages
Book Rating: B

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Neither Margaret nor Owen has any interest in getting married. But in the small Amish town of Birch Creek, where marriage is on everyone’s mind, their plans don’t stand a chance.

Margaret Yoder can’t seem to catch a break. Even though she’s dedicated to her Amish faith, her wild rumspringa won’t stay in the past, and her mother keeps pressuring her to get married. To placate her mother and get away from former “friends”, she decides to return to Birch Creek to visit family—and pretend to find a husband.

Like Margaret, Owen Bontrager isn’t looking for a spouse, something that’s hard to avoid in Birch Creek, where an ad for brides in the local paper has brought a swarm of single women to the thriving town. When he meets Margaret in an unexpected way, they discover they have more in common than they ever expected. In some ways, they are a perfect match.

Margaret struggles to keep her goal of avoiding romance in order to focus on being a faithful member of the Amish church, and it doesn’t help that she finds Owen intriguing. Knowing they don’t have a future together; she returns home and gives in to her mother’s insistence that she get married.

Can Margaret betray her feelings for Owen and become a dutiful daughter and wife to the man of her mother’s choosing? Or will Owen find a way to free Margaret of her past by giving her the future they both are surprised to find they desire?


Matched and Married by Kathleen Fuller is a sweet Amish romance with charming characters. Although this newest release is the second book in the Amish Mail-Order Bride series, it can be read as a standalone.

Margaret Yoder continues to be tempted by the Englisch friends she made during her Rumspringa. She also continues to be at loggerheads with her mother who thinks her youngest daughter can do nothing right. Margaret is spirited and unable to conform to her mother’s rigid need to control everything. She has no desire to marry but when ordered to begin looking for a husband, Margaret returns to Birch Creek, OH to stay with her beloved Aenti Mary and Onkle Freemont and help them with their harvest. She is a hard worker but she also has plenty of free time. Margaret spends time exploring the nearby woods where she searches for flowers. She has renewed interest in herbal treatments after crossing paths with Owen Bontrager who is on a forced vacation. The two become good friends after agreeing neither is planning to marry but will love find them when they’re not looking?

After her Rumspringa, Margaret decided to fully commit to being Amish. But she discovered that leaving behind parts of Englisch life is easier said than done. She is determined to live up to her decision, but the strife between her and her mother is hurtful and troubling. Margaret is nothing like her mother or her sisters so she always feels like a failure. The opportunity to visit her Aenti Mary is just what she needs to escape from her mother’s disappointment.

Owen works on his family’s farm and he puts in long hours ensuring they are successful. He works longer than anyone and he has exacting standards for how things are to be done. Owen is very frustrated by his father’s edict to take a week off from work. When boredom sets in, he begins reading his grandfather’s books.

Owen and Margaret’s friendship is based on their mutual interests but it does not take long for their feelings for each other to deepen. However, neither of them wants to break their agreement to be friends only. What will they do when Margaret acquiesces to her mother’s unexpected demand?

Matched and Married is a heartwarming romance with a delightful cast of characters. Owen and Margaret have strong personalities and they a perfect match, but will they give in to their growing feelings for each other? In addition to their romance, another member of their community is trying to move on from her husband’s desertion but not knowing if he will ever return complicates her life. With an engaging storyline, relatable characters and realistic issues to overcome, Kathleen Fuller’s latest addition to the Amish Mail-Order Bride series is sure to be a hit with readers.

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Review: A Double Dose of Love by Kathleen Fuller

Title: A Double Dose of Love by Kathleen Fuller
Amish Mail-Order Bride Series Book One
Publisher: Zondervan
Genre: Contemporary, Amish, Romance
Length: 304 pages
Book Rating: C+

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Prepare for a double dose of romance and fun when two sets of Amish twins find love.

Identical brothers Zeb and Zeke Bontrager aren’t looking for love. They have their hands full with a new horse farm, a half-finished ranch house, and a wild colt, thanks to Zeke’s hasty business dealings. Now Zeb must contend with Zeke’s bad decisions, hidden debts, and tendency to avoid responsibility, which threaten their good standing in the Birch Creek Amish community.

When a newspaper ad prompts Darla King to travel to Birch Creek in search of a husband, her identical twin, Amanda, promises their parents she’ll convince Darla to come home. After all, Amanda is the responsible and reliable one. She has always protected Darla, who acts on impulse and trusts people too easily. The sisters’ close relationship is strained as Darla asserts her independence and Amanda grapples with regrets of her past and the longings of her own heart.

When Zeb and Amanda join forces to protect Darla and Zeke from each other, none of them can possibly predict the outcome as all four come face-to-face with their highest hopes and deepest insecurities in the first installment of the Amish Mail-Order Bride series.


A Double Dose of Love by Kathleen Fuller is a sweet Amish romance featuring two love stories.

Twenty-one year old Darla King loves her family but she is ready to marry and settle down. She is little bit flighty so her parents and twin sister Amanda are very over-protective. They also have doubts about whether she makes the right decisions. Her parents have kept her from courting due to their concerns for her well-being. When Darla finds an ad for mail-order brides in a nearby town, she sets things in motion to relocate. But when their parents learn of her plans, they insist Amanda accompany her. Will her twin sister thwart Darla’s intentions to find a husband?

Amanda is much more serious and not as outgoing as Darla. She is not at all happy going with her twin, but she hopes they will only be gone for a few days. Much to her dismay, Darla not only gets a job right away, but she believes Zeke Bontrager is the man of her dreams.  Amanda turns to Zeke’s twin brother Zeb for assistance in keeping Zeke away from Darla. She is surprised by how much she likes spending time with Zeb, but she is afraid of risking her heart.

Zeke is great at coming up with ideas, but he tends to run away when things do not go as planned. He is also impulsive which just adds to his problems.  He roped Zeb into purchasing a rundown farm but Zeke’s ill-thought decisions have landed him in financial trouble.  He does not want Zeb to find out but his avoidance tactics are causing a great deal of friction between them. Zeke is not looking for love but he is finding Darla hard to resist.

Zeb loves his brother but he is running out of patience with his frequent absences from the farm. He is a hard worker but he is irritated that he is doing all of the work.  Zeb is taken off guard when Amanda asks him for his help, but he has no problem agreeing to assist her.  He finds Amanda’s company very calming and he looks forward to seeing her. But he does not have time for love… does he?

A Double Dose of Love is an enjoyable Amish romance. The characters are likable and their various issues are realistic. There is a bit of an insta-love vibe to the romances so the couples’ relationships feel a bit under developed. The characters grow and evolve over the course of the story. All in all, a charming first installment in Kathleen Fuller’s Amish Mail-Order Bride series.

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